Hello !  I feel honoured to share The Breath Collection with you.  Many of these breath practices are from a yogic background which I have been using over the 12 years.  Others are easy but potent techniques to very quickly calm the mind and connect to our body and centre.  The Breath Collection includes 9 short guided videos for each breath style being 40 sec to around 2 minutes in length. 

I have also created a printable PDF Ebook with full explanations of each breath including its benefits, how to, when to and modifications so you can choose which breath aligns with your needs on the day. 

This is available here.  It is my wish that this collection is accessible to everyone, therefore it is 'free' or by $9 donation.

The 9 powerful breath techniques help you calm, nourish, re-energise and gain clarity.

I have also included 9 mudras in the ebook, which are hand gestures used in yoga, to direct, move and balance your energy and health.  If you are completely new to these you will hopefully notice how simple yet powerful they can be, especially when working in conjunction with your breath and the intention of the mudra.