what's included

  • 2 x acupuncture sessions 

  • 2 x 30 minute massages 

  • 2 x cupping therapy 

  • tibetan herbal foot soaks

  • blood cleansing tea

  • sea mineral immune booster

  • indian clay face mask

  • stimulating body scrub

  • diet and lifestyle tips and tricks

our 10 day DETOX program gently helps to cleanse the body, its organs and elimination systems.  this allows a higher level of cleansing with longer lasting effects, while also helping to restore the normal detoxing functions our bodies are designed to do.

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10 day detox program running all year!!

2 x treatment sessions, products and easy to follow detoxing tips & tricks  $370

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10 day body & soul detox focuses on:

liver & gallbladder



spleen & lymph system 

stomach & intestines

respiratory tract

immune system

endocrine system

nervous system

did you know....

that your body is cleansing and detoxing all day everyday.  that's it's job!  though sometimes our detoxification systems can get overloaded... poor food and soil quality, chemicals and added hormones to our food chain, electromagnetic fields from devices and wireless connections, poor indoor or city life air quality, lifestyle choices, hidden food additives, alcohol, coffee, the list goes on... 

our bodies respond better to subtle changes and a more gentle approach than intense dieting or juice fasting.  we want our elimination organs to do their job, which means just giving them a little help.  by intense and abrupt detoxing attempts those elimination organs can be overworked and overwhelmed resulting in symptoms like tiredness, headaches, skin changes or breakouts.




although juices are packed full of nutrients, intense juice fasting may hinder our digestive system and elimination organs.   why?  following the theory of chinese medicine our digestive organs prefer warm, cooked foods and fluids, as our body needs to warm everything up to body temperature to break down, process and absorb the nutrients and energy from it.  when we eat or drink cold or raw things or excess fruits our digestive organs must work harder to break them down, which has a strong effect on our spleen, the main organ of our lymphatic system. 


also the best way to clear wastes and detox one of the main elimination organs - the large intestine - is to have a complete, formed and regular bowel movement.  sudden and drastic changes to our food and drink intake can interfere with the bodys normal processes and affect our normal digestive function which can actually inhibit complete removal of waste via this organ creating loose or irregular stools.

      benefits of gentle detoxing 

                -  give your body a break

cleanse the right way

how does the body & soul 10 day detox program work?


helps restore normal functions of the body through the stimulation of acupuncture points which communicate with the endocrine, immune and nervous systems.  

using the body & soul 10 day detox program the acupuncture treatments are designed to target specific organs and systems to encourage detoxification and improved elimination of wastes and toxins



used to assist in detoxing at a deeper tissue level and encourages circulation by clearing blockages



the restorative massage focuses on boosting lymphatic drainage, improving circulation and helps move any stagnation which may be hindering normal tissue movement


****  the treatments are combined to enjoy all 3 modalities in 2 x 1.5 hour sessions over the 10 day detox program

tibetan herbal foot soak

a unique blend of very high quality herbs used as a foot soak.  many toxins can be cleared via the feet.  this specially designed blend of Tibetan herbs aids in healthy function of the elimination organs to help detox the body of wastes and pathogenic fluids (foot soak enjoyed once per day - valued at $150)


chicory and roasted dandelion root tea

a delicious tea blend with strong blood cleansing qualities.  also often used as a coffee substitute (1 cup per day)


sea mineral immune booster

a high quality blend of sea minerals boasting trace elements needed by the body for healthy immune function (taken once per day)


indian clay face mask

this beautiful Indian sourced clay naturally cleanses and pulls toxins and wastes from the skin, leaving your face feeling soft and clear (2 masks per program)

stimulating body scrub

our skin is responsible for eliminating wastes through the pores.  this gentle exfoliating scrub improves circulation and contains high grade essential oils specific for detoxifying via the skin



simple and easy to follow lifestyle advice to get the most out of your body & soul 10 day detox program 


disclaimer: the Body & Soul 10 day detox program is not designed to cure or treat any medical conditions.  although your medical history and current health state will be assessed using chinese medicine diagnostic tools, please check with your GP before undertaking any detox program or changes to your normal health regime.