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I'm so excited to share my love of yoga with you.  There'll be intro to yoga, foundational series and easy flow (short and long sessions) to easily incorporate into your day in the comfort of your home.  Meditations and breathwork to join too.

Yoga has been a huge part of my life and my personal growth.  Without it I know I wouldn't be doing what I love and living the life I am with the mental clarity, flexibility, strength and inner peace.  My professional training allows me to gift my passion of this ancient form of moving medicine and I am so happy to share the incredible benefits yoga can bring to anyone and everyone.


headstands + inversions

Headstands are form of an inversion - a movement where the feet are above the heart.  Inversions offer many benefits like improving circulation of blood and lymph, help regulate hormones, calm the nervous system and improve strength, flexibility and co-ordination.   Here I share an easy and safe way to do a headstand - for all levels.  I also share 5 other inversions to try out. 

moving meditation

'5 minute' moving meditation.  Easy but powerful - opening hips, heart and side body.  Find yourself in extended childs pose - big toes touching and knees wide.  Close down your eyes if you like and find your own flow, moving as much or as little as you like.  Try to stay close to the ground when moving between sides.  This is one of my favorite ways to start my morning, hope you enjoy x. 

20 minute
booty + thigh workout

No equipment needed and knee friendly movements.

A great lower body workout.  For best results do 2 -3 x per week.

sun salutations

Quick morning yoga routine using the beautiful flow of saluting the sun to warm up the body and mind by syncing breath and movement.
Length: under 9 minutes.
Suitable for all levels.

yoga : gentle slow flow

This yoga flow starts by using the 'sun salutations' video to warm up, then continues with warrior poses and finishes with some gentle floor poses and a short seated savasana.

Length: under 40 minutes.

Suitable for all levels.

30 min Guided Meditation

I'm excited to share this free powerful guided meditation I've created for you.  It's a beautiful way to feel grounded, rejuvenated and peaceful.  Using breath, visualisation and the senses it balances the mind and body to bring ease and calm.  Use headphones or find a quiet space where you'll be undisturbed.

Length:  30 minutes.

Suitable for all levels.