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// My Experience Today : Attitude is Everything

I started my day as my usual Saturday - which I LOVE! Farmers market, hanging with Zahli and climbing my local mountain.

It was starting to rain so I rushed down the mountain to get back to the car and head home - Zahli waits for me so the windows were down too and I didn’t want the car to get wet.

I hopped in my car, music up and had a big grin on my face after my ritual walk. I was excited to race home. I started driving and reversed (I didn’t gauge the distance properly 🙈) and drove into a steep ditch - which I know is there, every week, but was more overgrown with grass this week. 🤪 It was that far in the ditch that I couldn’t drive out! I felt silly and could feel a sense of confusion rush over me - how was I going to handle this situation ?

1 woman with a young baby stopped straight away and we chatted and tried to work out a plan of attack. Another woman stopped and the 3 of us - were laughing about how quickly things can happen. A man stopped then another man arrived at his huge 4WD after coming down the mountain himself. Together (very quickly) the 2 guys connected the 2 cars and while I was steering we towed my car out and I was back on the road in no time.

I’m sharing my experience for 3 reasons:

✨ the whole experience was no longer than 10 minutes ! Things can happen so quickly and it’s easy to forget how things can drastically change in an instant. Life is so precious.

✨ there are serious ANGELS everywhere on this planet! It’s easy to be concerned with humanity and where we’re heading at times, but when we see each person on an individual level there is so much good surrounding us all.

✨ attitude is everything. I was so cool, calm and collected and could tell my attitude made all the difference to how this experience unfolded for me today.

Miriam x



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