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23 Tips to Awaken, Reconnect, and Embrace Our Feminine Energy.


Although Winter correlates to the deepest time of feminine energy in Chinese Medicine, I think these points below are powerfully beautiful and empowering to tune back into any time of year.

Before we dive in though, I want to share a little background info to set the scene ! ..........

In Chinese Medicine Winter is considered Yin time, a time for deeply nourishing, nurturing and moving slower and more inward. A time of darkness and stillness and rejuvenation. Females are also Yin in nature, so is the moon. As the opposite, Summer is considered Yang in nature, it is outward, bright, fast moving, full of life. The sun is yang, and men are also. Even if you are male (hi guys !!) we all have a feminine side, and I think (and nature does too!) that this duality of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) is the cornerstone of Everything. This is yin and yang, which can explain everything, pretty incredible really!

Essentially that is what we are all moving with each and every day. Our body is constantly balancing our yin and yang in order to maintain 'homeostasis' or 'balance' as best possible to keep us alive and feeling well. Thanks body !!

Our society has gone a little wonky with time and it is quite common for females to be operating more in their masculine now, and males, in some ways to have for that reason naturally become imbalanced in their masculine. If one part of the 2 is too strong or full naturally the other half will be imbalanced. The same happens within ourselves between our 2 parts. If one part is more than the other than there is no equilibrium : essentially it's like a see saw. The masculine energy is driving, protective, planning, doing, thinking, qi (lifefore energy) : strong outward nature. The feminine is soft, nurturing, nourishing, blood, reflective, inward nature. It is these qualities that allow the female body to reproduce and feed a being.

My teacher explained it beautifully to me many years ago and it is a special way of also understanding your body.

Yin is the material, it is dense, everything we can see, move and touch. It is the body, the flesh. Yang is lifeforce. It is hard to see, touch, but it is there. If you have a dead person and an alive person next to eachother, only one of the bodys' has yang. But they both have yin. Yin is dense and material and therefore holds and contains the yang. Yang in return moves the yin. Without yang (lifeforce) we could not move or live. Without yin (the material) yang would float off and not be contained to actually be usable. They depend on one another, and compliment one another.Add your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.


1. Slow down - fast is maculine, slow is feminine = our society encourages double speed

2. Be choosey : how you spend your time, what you put in your body and mind, and who you share your energy with

3. Be creative : this can be anything : singing, dancing, gardening, painting, pottery, crafting with the kids, sewing, writing .....

4. Make nourishing meals for yourself and loved ones

5. Make your nest cosy - some happy home tips i love here.

6. Tune in to Your cycle. Society runs on the masculine cycle (24 hours : the sun / yang) while women run on a monthly cycle (the moon / yin).

7. Wear soft, flowy clothing, and natural fibres .... Winter can be a little tricky but long knit skirts and long dresses and layers are saviours

8. Earth yourself - bare feet on the ground during the day

9. Dig in nature - repot plants, sow some flowers, get your hands dirty : females are Yin = the material = earth

10. Make a powerful playlist : add songs that fill you up, trigger emotions of depth, sensuality and joy.

11. Self massage (or your partner) : move from your feet and fingers up to your heart, massaging your belly and breasts too (in Ayurvedic medicine this is known as Abhyanga massage

12. Get to know your Yoni (vagina)- Yoni eggs (more on this another day !!) - these are egg shaped crystals that you insert for connecting deeper with self, improving gynaecological and digestive health, can improve menstrual cycles, libido and orgasms and strengthen the pelvic floor. I prefer a rose quartz crystal although there are many to choose from. If you are unsure which one or from where feel free to DM me.

13. Sensual lingerie and anything that makes you feel sexy or beautiful

14. Check in on your morning routine - as we move deeper into winter our needs change - reassess how we are starting our days - wake time, breakfast time, self care rituals : movement, hot drink etc

15. Check in with the moons cycle, you might be surprised how well you can move with it to ride it's energetic flow

16. Movement : anything that feels good and isn't too draining : walking, pilates, yoga, yin yoga :hold poses much longer and accesses, releases and nourishes our fascia (a powerful webbing that encapsulates every tissue and organ within us, is a powerful information network and holds stories and emotions of our past)

17. Reflection and writing : this is a beautiful thing to bring us into the present while also helping us grow, heal and appreciate through gratitude and hindsight

18. Rest and read a book : gentle naps or getting immersed in some inspiring or dreamy books

19. Nature refills : moving water, earthing, get some sun ! Yin needs Yang to fully move (yang needs yin to be contained)

20. Be content with having moments of just being (the feminine is 'being', the masculine is 'doing')

21. Open your heart space - shoulders back, cat / cow yoga movements, forward folds : head below heart, laying over a bolster or pillow with your spine to open the front of your chest

22. Walk slower, softer and with intention : it's incredible how we can do so many things on autopilot

23. Choose your words - check your dialogue (negative self talk - this is a huge one and so important to keep an eye on!!)

I hope at least some of these nurturing tips inspire and support you to awaken, reawaken and embrace your feminine energy.

M x


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