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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy, Naturally

“I’d love more energy - I’m pretty tired”

One of the most common phrases I hear from women I see in clinic. Below I share 5 easy but potent points to consider for more energy AND sustained energy, to carry us through for thriving not surviving. Often we focus so much just on food or movement, which of course are so important, but there are also so many underlying huge powers at play to help us feel our best each day.

1. hormones

These powerful messengers are working hard to send the right signals through our body and would love us to make it easy for them.

- SNOOZING is a killer. When we wake we get a spike in cortisol, one of our stress hormones. Snoozing makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck - so get your butt out of bed shortly after you wake. A good evening routine makes the morning.

- Things like excessive phone / laptop use or wearing smart watches can disrupt the subtle messages of the body as they are busy running their own information waves, also called EMF's (electromagnetic fields). Consider using these devices less, keeping them away from your body as much as possible and turning off WIFI when sleeping or resting. Also keep these away from foods, supplements and especially water.

2. eat breakfast

- You’ve fasted all night, your body is a soft machine, it needs fuel. We expect it to perform so Be nice and feed it! Idealy warm foods and something solid. If you desperately need a juice or smoothie then try adding something substantial too, trust me, your digestive system will love you for it and you'll get a lot more energy and even quickly decrease you gut symptoms. You will feel so much better, have better clarity + brain function, sustained energy, happier hormones + good metabolism. How easy is that! Again, make time for you in the morning. You’re totally worth it.

3. nutrients + hormones

- As women we may be skimping on the gutsy foods that help our body thrive. Carbs are our friend - load up for breaky + lunch with a lighter dinner possibly avoiding carbs here. This can help with energy for the day and a better more restful sleep for the night as well as help balance body weight.

- Get your period happy, or if you're transitioning into or through menopause get support. Us ladies release blood so ensure you’re releasing a good amount and not too much, not too often. Acupuncture + herbs or women’s health practitioners can help with this. Low energy could signal a boost needed in these : iron, B12, omegas (seaweed based are great!), zinc, magnesium (be careful there are different ones) - no supplements should be affecting your bowel movements negatively, ensure you’re getting practitioner only ones without fillers + just pretty labels.

4. choose your movement

- Get a good balance of cardio + gentle exercise. Don’t push yourself to perform. Find your EDGE = pushing yourself enough but not overdoing it. Listen to Your body - not what someone else is doing or telling you. Often the best movement is brisk walking. Gets the heart pumping, burns calories, has minimal intense impact on the body but gets things moving, including our lymph !

- Do movement that you enjoy. It could be anything, including rolling around on your floor doing random improvised stretches. Get creative. If you know you do better with a team spirit then find your class. You're allowed to try many before you find the right fit for you. I hesitated going to a gym my whole life, and now at 38 I've just started at one I feel comfortable in. It's never too late to start. Every day is a new opportunity.

5. take a step back and be the observer

- We all do waaaayy too much!! And expect so much from our body’s. Be gentle with yourself and prioritise the important things. More being - less doing. The more stimulus, to do's and things we are 'consuming', the more our body has to process and digest, and I'm not just meaning food. All information. Plus, just think of the nervous and endocrine (hormone) systems as messengers. Now imagine the difference between 1 person talking to you nicely, gently and softly with clear pronunciation, opposed to 10 people talking loudly at you. The message you receive would be pretty different. These 2 systems feel overwhelmed when there is 'too much' to take in - which totally zaps our energy !

It’s amazing to hear how much better women feel just by following simple tips like these. Let me know how incorporating some or all of these feels. Enjoy these game changers.


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