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Easy + Delicious Plant Powered Meal for Summer

〰️ Cooking from the heart can be tasted, seen and felt by our body. You don’t need to be super confident in the kitchen to make beautifully nourishing food. Get creative, mix some staples together and have fun while your making it.

〰️ When we get quieter our intuition soars and we will naturally feel the food more, so allow yourself space and time to cook and prepare, and set the scene with some special music or quiet.

Nourish Bowl (as pictured)

- Roasted vegetables with salt (no oil), all skin on and cut into similar sized chunks (beetroot always smaller as it takes longer), carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato.

- Quick scrambled tofu. Crumble firm tofu (always non GMO) in between your fingers. In a med hot pan add dash of oil, then tofu and spices - turmeric, cumin, sweet paprika, salt + pepper, cook till lightly browned.

**** Please don't be afraid of tofu. It is an incredible ingredient and unfortunately gets a bad rap. I prefer eating soy to drinking it personally.

Tofu has a very bland flavour so it is so versatile and just soaks up flavour ! The main types are firm, soft, silken (very soft) or pre marinated. Tempeh is pressed soy beans that are also fermented (I suggest a very firm style, some can be stinky and not smell so nice !! The good ones are Amazing !!!). Tofu on the other hand is soy beans made into a curd, then strained and then pressed into blocks.

- Hommus - as per my usual recipe. I didn’t have chickpeas so substituted with a tin of white beans (always strained and rinsed). These are a great alternative and can make beautiful creamy sauces, soups, dips and béchamel for lasagnas.

- Pre-prepped in the fridge : toasted seeds (sunflower + petitas (pumpkin seeds)) and homemade vegan parmesan.

- Served on butter crunch lettuce with cut fresh basil (or any other herbs you like), a drizzle of hemp oil (or good olive or flax oil) and squeeze of lemon. You can sub the lettuce for chopped spinach or wilted or pan fried kale, you can add tomatoes or any other toppings you like.

*** This was made from what we had at home at the time but the options are endless. I would usually also add some quinoa to something like this but we'd had some big meals over the last few days so opted for something lighter. The main thing is to include lots of great plant protein options, a good selection of veggies and a little healthy fats (oils + seeds).

Kitchen Tips

* I love having a pair of scissors specifically for using for food. I cut fresh or dried herbs, chillies, spinach (sometimes if smaller amount), trim the ends of leafy greens for keeping them fresh in the fridge and even spring onions. They are so great to have as a little kitchen helper.

* Also, I still don't have a heavy duty food processor and we manage to cook all our meals (and baking) with just a powerful NutriBullet and this little food pulser ! (as pictured). This one is from Big W although most similar stores have versions of this, plus it's under $30 and does a great job !

* I always make some extra veggies (roasted or steamed, whichever I'm making) to use for another meal. I love whipping up a quick wrap, nourish bowl or adding some quinoa and making a quick tahini dressing for it. Plus my doggy Zahli loves her veggies too, so we make extra for her meals. Ofcourse don't cook too many in advance to keep them fresh and full of goodness. 1 - 2 days max is all I make.





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