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Easy Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Now more than ever our immunity is everything. It’s our bodys’ defence mechanism warding off anything that threatens our delicate interiors and for keeping check on faulty or damaged cells within us. Good immunity affects every one of our other body systems, has a huge impact on our quality of life and importantly prevents the possibility of serious diseases.

You can incorporate versions of these for you and your current situation so play around to find what suits.

🧡 get plenty of rest - especially during winter - this our recharging time - this includes not overdoing social things or to-do’s

🧡 stay hydrated - clean filtered water is best, check in to see if you are overdoing your fluid intake! Yes, too much can put a lot of pressure on our kidneys, dilute the blood and douse our internal fire!!

🧡 eat the rainbow - opt for organic and plenty of plants - more veggies than fruits - and utilise mama natures amazing slice selection and garlic, onions, leeks and spring onions and fresh or dried herbs

🧡 minimise toxins in your home - opt for natural biodegradable cleaners, choose good quality fabrics, open windows for good air flow and check for possible areas of mould. I've had lots of people in clinic recently with mould in their homes and it is very serious ! Please make sure you remove any items with mould carefully (use a mask and gloves and dispose of it quickly and properly), use essential oils like clove and vinegar to spray surfaces. Breathing in very fine mould spores creates serious health problems so please take precautions. Cutting back trees to allow for more light in your home can help reduce the risk for mould too and bring in more airflow and sunlight. Keep your home free from dust as best possible.

🧡 eat and drink warm - our main lymph organ is the spleen which dislikes all things cold and raw - the lymphatic system plays a huge role in immunity

🧡 find balance - do things you love and that make your heart sing - keep calm and don’t hold onto emotions or stress which greatly weaken our immunity

🧡 just like our cars we need regular maintenance and tune ups - natural health modalities like osteo, massage (see last one), acupuncture and reiki are perfect for ensuring minimal imbalances and maximum balance of all our body systems and emotions

🧡 soak up some sun

🧡 get fresh air - even when it’s cold open windows, air out blankets, get outside if possible

🧡 move your body - there are countless options here - keep it fun

If you’re limited to space try skipping ! it’s a great one - this also helps move lymph - plus some good stretching and cardio included is a great balance

🧡 connect with others - even if it’s via online, watch motivational things, speakers, read books and watch happy things and listen yo feel good music

🧡 tune into your breath - deep belly breathing is a great way to clear out stagnant air and boosts the lungs - one of our main immunity organs

🧡 get massages - self massage - or dry brush to boost the lymphatic system, calm the nervous system and regulate the skin - our first defence line to the outer world

Hope you’re all staying safe and are feeling well,

M x



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