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Extra Immunity Tips During Coronavirus

Some extra tips to stay safe, healthy and grounded during these times.

  • start your morning with a hot lemon and ginger drink ! (this is great all year round but especially now - you can freeze the juice of lemons into ice cube trays too)

  • sip warm/hot fluids throughout the day

  • eat warm and cooked foods

  • avoid all cold foods and fluids - this of course is a chinese medicine rule all the time

  • wash your hands and practice good hygiene - use soaps that foam and natural hand sanitisers (I have one as part of the ILA + AVA range)

  • if the sun is shining get some vitamin D - get outside even if it is just on your balcony, and hang clothes and linen in the light to help kill microbes

  • open windows and doors to get good airflow but keep your body out of a draft

  • stay warm with clothing and try to buffer drastic weather changes (sunny to windy to cool etc)- this plays havoc on our internal thermostat and pore opening and closing mechanism

  • eat natural immune boosters : ginger, garlic, shallots, spices, fresh herbs, miso, lemon, apple cider vinegar

  • you can have some apple cider vinegar during the day diluted in water and do mouth gargles with either salt in warm water, diluted apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in water

  • eat ALL of the rainbow : fresh produce - fruit and vegetables

  • stock up on pure juices and some tinned fruit or jarred vegetables and frozen berries if you may not be able to get fresh produce as often

  • have tinned legumes and dry stocks on hand - click here for a plant based pantry guide

  • there are many suppliers offering home deliveries of fresh produce so find one near you

  • sanitise new things coming into your home (even fresh produce)

  • use gloves at places like service stations or other public places

  • incorporate meditation into your mornings (and evenings)

  • get good rest - this is a perfect time to catch up on some sleep - early to bed and early to rise - several of you have the yoga nidra meditation which is a great start

  • get plenty of vitamin C, zinc and magnesium - a new order of these products is on its way - I have a great combo of B vitamins, zinc and magnesium all in one

  • stay connected to friends and loved ones via social platforms



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