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Food is Not Just Fuel : It's a Way to Connect

Food is a way to connect - with nature, friends, family and importantly ourselves.

Eating starts well before chewing - our relationship with food includes choosing what foods to buy, how to store them, how to prepare them, how to cook them, how to plate them and when and how to eat them.

If preparing meals for yourself seems difficult or too time consuming ask for help, use recipe books or online videos to give you inspo and take a step back to see where you might be leaking precious time on something that may not serve you as well as preparing a healthy colorful tasty meal for yourself.

I share lots of meal inspo - because I am a serious foodie and inspiring others with this is my PASSION ! 🙌🏼 I truly believe improving our relationship with food positively changes our lives, our health (all levels), our relationships and the world 🧡

If you're a little stuck sometimes and trying to find your kitchen MOJO there are a few recipes here, a free recipe ebook here, and my newest baby: 'Delicious Vegan Eats' with 50+ wholefood plantpowered healthy and tasty recipes. In this book I also share a complete shopping guide, cooking and food tips with each recipe and easy substitutions to help you make better choices to nourish your temple. There are also blogs you can find here and

to help you get inspired and feeling organised for meal time!

Remember, make food fun. It is here to nourish us and help us connect in so many ways.

Miriam x



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