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Food Therapy : How the Colour, Shape and Flavour of Foods Directly Link to Our Body

💥 warning !! aha moments ahead !!

// f o o d t h e r a p y

In Chinese / Eastern medicine food is understood much differently than *just* the breakdown of its nutritional content, like how many grams of protein, fat or fibre it has.

We work out the effect of what a food will have on the body by the colour, shape and especially flavour of the food. By seeing the bigger picture of what we eat we can make easier and better choices for ourselves and loved ones. It’s so empowering!

Using this recipe as an example:

🔸 Beets : are red so help build blood, the rings when you cut the beet resemble that of arteries and veins (swipe 👉🏻), help purify blood by acting on the liver and they strengthen the heart (look at the shape!). they are a root vegetable to help strengthen the main digestive organs. They are sweet (the favourite flavour of the spleen which builds blood), and can help regulate menstruation.

🔸 walnuts look like the brain 🤯 yup, they help boost brain function! They also look like a pair of kidneys and yes they help boost kidney energy. The kidneys rule growth, development and sexual reproduction so walnuts can help nourish sperm. They also look like the lungs (swipe 👉🏻👉🏻) and help calm and warm the lungs to boost immunity and help ease coughing and wheezing. (Eat in moderation. and chew well !). Walnuts are also great for thyroid health as they contain selenium, which is crucial for good thyroid function. And yes, walnuts are the shape of the thyroid gland!!

This pic :

Warm salad of roasted beetroots, candied walnuts, vegan feta, orange, wild roquette and mint. The vegan feta is super easy to make with only 5 basic ingredients). Full recipe for both on p. 36 of ‘Delicious Vegan Eats’ cookbook.

Take a closer look at the colour, shape, texture and flavours of your favourite foods. You might notice you're drawn to certain foods more often which can be your body asking you for them.

Miriam x


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