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Good Space For Good Sleep

Creating a good sleeping space makes all the difference to how restful our sleep is. Some of the main things I do for my own bedroom and suggest to clients are:

1.  declutter

Only bedroom things belong in this room and by keeping it simple and minimal it will ensure a really good flow of energy and fresh air.  Also ensure you aren’t storing anything under your bed. Utilise cupboards to store things well and before sleeping clean up any clothes hanging around or on the floor.

2. quality bedding

This is so crucial and worth the money! Not only do we spend a third of our lives in bed but it prepares us for the day to come.  A good sleep means our physical body can heal and feel it’s best, our mind can be clearer for better decision making and creativity and our emotional body can be more balanced so we can engage better in our relationships.  I always choose natural fibers and fillings like bamboo and linen which breathe well and help body temperature regulation.  These options are good for us, animals and the planet.  A comfortable mattress makes all the difference and I also always use a ‘mattress topper’ aka ‘cloud’ which is heaven. Washing our sheets regularly is probably one of the easiest and most satisfying things we can do to have a great nights sleep. Also regularly flipping our mattress and shaking out and hanging our pillows and blankets outside, or even better in the sun, helps kill bacteria and air them out.

3. ventilation

Keep the bedroom free of dust, wash sheets regularly and air out the space as often as possible.  Open windows and use indoor plants to get clean air flow or opt for a de-humidifier in a room which may get less ventilation. You can opt for a dehumidifier and use essential oils in it too, or freshen your room with a natural room spray.

4. low lights

As we near bedtime choose warm glow lamps instead of using the main lights.  This time of day we want to slow down our nervous system response to wind down and get ready for a long rest.  Ideally avoiding electronics before sleep is best.  If you are using your phone or laptop in the evening turn both to ‘night mode’ brightness (I use this all day to be gentle on my eyes) or use the free downloadable app ‘flux’.  There are blu blocker glasses available now too. Also turning your phone on aeroplane mode, disconnecting from home WIFI and moving the phone far (far!) away from you while sleeping can help lessen the electro magnetic field effect on your body - and don't worry, your alarm will still work on flight mode.   Ensuring the room is dark at night using thick blinds or curtains will also help with getting a much deeper and sounder sleep without distractions. If you're room still has some light coming in you can find a nice eye mask to wear.



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