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Gut Health; The Things That Don't Get Mentioned (part 1)

This is a huge topic and unfortunately it has become a huge industry. Gut health is actually much more simple than what we make it out to be. I believe it doesn’t need to be complex, a full time job or an expensive ‘journey’.

And it is about so much more than *what* we are eating. One of the greatest disrupters of our digestion is over complicating things, chopping and changing what, how and when we’re eating and how we manage stress and our emotions (think IBS).

Below are some foundational basics of having a happy digestion system, I invite you to try :

- have routine : eat at regular times each day (see the last post with the body clock as a guide) - if you’re not a brekky person right now start slow - I promise you’ll never look back !

- ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ = aim for big, medium, lighter meal (obviously you can still eat good amounts of food even for dinner just tune in to see how heavy it is - lightening this meal will improve your digestion, weight management and importantly your sleep !

- make time for yourself to sit down and enjoy your meal : this is crucial - avoid ‘on the run’ quick meals or just a coffee etc to ‘get you through’

- structure will help *your body* have structure - want good well balanced energy, regular amazing bowel movements, happy hormones, great skin …? Give your body structure with meal times, quantities etc

- make minimal waves - smooth sailing is what the digestive system likes - avoid constantly chopping and changing what you’re eating or not eating - aim to be gentle, eat fresh, whole and tasty foods that make you *feel good* - avoid doing things unwell then *needing* a detox / flush etc etc etc then repeating the same patterns - aim for more consistency

- enjoy meals together - structure around food is good for everyone - and your kids are watching you …

- minimise thinking and avoid over stimulation while eating (= no phones, TV, heated discussions) *** our digestive system has to also digest information ! If it’s distracted you’re not getting the full experience / nutrient absorption

✨ I’ll share more on gut health soon …


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