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Healthy Pancakes : My Easy Go-To Recipe

Hi friends,

Pancakes are fun, delicous and they can be healthy too!! Crazy I know.

This super easy recipe uses basic staple wholefood ingredients, and interestingly it's pretty similar to my main oats / porridge recipes just blitzed.

You can get the kids involved too. If you don't already own one, I highly recommend getting a good non-stick pan. Aim for the safer versions - PFOA and lead free (it will say it on the label if it is). You can also get creative with the toppings and make them into purple pancakes (add blueberries while blitzing) or make chocolate ones (just add raw cacao).



1 tbsp flaxseeds

1 medium ripe banana

1 cup whole rolled oats

1 cup water

1 tsp cinnamon powder

1/2 tsp baking powder


1. Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat

2. in a NutriBullet blitz flaxseeds till fine

3. add all other ingredients (except baking powder) and blitz till smooth

4. stir the baking powder into the pancake batter with a spoon (till well combined)

5. (optional dash of coconut oil in the pan). Spoon out batter into discs - flip when cooked to cook other side.

Hot blueberries:

add frozen blueberries to a small pot with a tiny dash of water

Candied walnuts:

To a pan on medium heat add raw walnuts, toast for a minute then lightly drizzle maple syrup on them. When the maple is gently bubbling pour but mix into grease proof paper and let cool. Carefully coarsely chop with a knife.

Serve with unhulled tahini paste, candied walnuts, wild blueberries and maple.

Miriam x



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