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How Do You Use Your 24 Hours ? Improving Time Management

"We each get the same 24 hours, every day."

Wow!!  How crazy is that!  When I first thought about this I was so stunned.  I’d never really thought about it like that and it’s just too easy to be in our own bubble, following patterns and systems we’ve created and adapted to.   Usually from years ago.  Some even from when we were kids.


I love this as a reminder to take a closer look at where, and on what I’m spending my time - then re-evaluating if there’s some things I can trim down on or shuffle around to make my day run smoother and feel more nourished in all areas of my life.


It’s mostly our material belongings that get a clean out - not our mind, emotions or systems and day to day habits. 


Coming out of a big week of clinic, ILA + AVA, family time, birthdays, Reno’s and just life, maintaining online social networking... , I found myself in one of those crazy vortexes where I felt like those plate spinner people... running from one to another trying to keep them all spinning.  And I don’t even have kids (hats off to all mamas!!)


I’m using these words again right now in my own life as a much needed reminder to help me feel more organised, get the things I want to and need to get done, done, and have plenty of time for me, my rituals and my relationships.


When I feel I need a little rebalancing / organising I use a planner like this to see my usual week at a glance and be able to easily tidy things up where needed.  Plus it’s fun to create the little icons and you can create one for the whole family - like a roster.


Have you used a planner like this before or what’s your sneaky strategy for utilising your 24 hours well while staying balanced?

Miriam x



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