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How to Move From Heart Space + Use Clear Communication

I love these concepts and they are SO powerful!   It’s a common topic in my clinic and I have

huge shifts in my own life working with these over the years.

I hear often that, especially us ladies, have full conversations without the other person!!  Just in our own mind - full dialogue - only to be disappointed by the outcome and confused why the other person wasn’t understanding our concerns.

By operating in this way we create expectations of how things should unfold without actually communicating this to others.

Speaking up, and out, about what you want, need and desire and how you feel is so *empowering* and sets for a clear foundation to move forward.  Then, when intentions are clear, others and ourself can take the required action to respond.  This can be tricky especially if you’re a people pleaser and like to *keep the peace*, but it’s definately worth working on, and through. 

Often we may find ourselves moving from our *mind* instead of our *heart space*.  It’s easily done as our mind has lots to say and definately wants to be heard!  The heart on the other hand is humble, pure and open with little words, and instead prefers to uses feelings and sensations to communicate.  We can work through obstacles with compassion - it's a gentle approach and leaves us feeling at peace.  Again, this may be challenging but is so rewarding and gets easier with practice.

A beautiful reminder I use is that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know at the time.  And often people really are trying their best and wanting the best for us.

When we take a step back and see others *words and/or actions* from a perspective of their *own* ways of dealing with life, situations and their fears, worries, hopes and dreams we can approach things with *compassion* and move from our heart space, getting a better idea of why the person is responding the way they are.

I love the different scenarios that come up in clinic around these 2 topics but how relevant they are to all situations 🧡



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