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It's Spring : A Fresh Start, Inside and Out

Spring is an amazing season! It's the time of fresh new beginnings, birthing and expansion after hibernating through the winter.

In Chinese Medicine the element of ‘wood’ (there's 5 elements) is linked to spring with its new growth, leaves and flowers.

The 2 organs for this element are our liver and gallbladder.

As both of these organs play a huge role with our digestion, it’s important to appreciate the other work they do too. The liver is like the commander – it helps regulate the other organs energy to move freely and move in their corresponding directions. E.g. the stomach energy moves down (if it rebels we can experience nausea, burping, hiccups, vomiting, heart burn), the spleens energy moves up (if it rebels or is weak we can experience bloating, prolapse, easy brusing, miscarriage, diarrhea).

The liver plays a huge role in how blood is utilised :

- for digestion it commands it to the digestive organs

- for physical movement it commands it to the muscles of the limbs

- for our menstrual cycle it commands it to our uterus and some to our breasts.

The livers emotion is anger, frustration and irritability while the gallbladder is responsible for clear decision making! So spring is a great time to clean out some emotional baggage or create new patterns of behaviour - see the last paragraph.

The gallbladder (from the 'classical' view = the original style of Chinese Medicine) is SO important - and yes it is quite common for people to have had this organ removed. Many symptoms and patterns of imbalance can still happen when this organ is cut out (like phantom limb pain) and regardless this energy is actually one of the most important to be happy and balanced. The gallbladder is responsible for a level within the body called the 'shao yang' - what is important to know about this level is that it is like a hotel revolving glass door. It rules the 'pivot' of the body - makes sure good things go up and get utilised to make new body products and makes sure bad things go down and are excreted as waste. This shao yang level also rules up and down - the sides - and front and back. It is also the level affected by viral conditions and often people will have a 'latent pathogen' experience - where you don't feel really bad but you don't feel really good either.

Doing a gentle cleanse for our inner world AND outer world during this season is perfect to utilise the abundant energy of Spring to support you for months to come.



Eat a little less - most of us eat more than what we actually need out of habit, procrastination, boredom or emotional eating. Have a lighter dinner - you'll have a better sleep and avoid crazy restless dreams


Have a break from refined sugars (including sugary drinks, bottled juices), coffee and alcohol (if you have them) - this will give your digestive organs a well deserved break


Use a cleansing herbal tea to support your detox organs - my organic tea blends are now available - for spring I suggest the 'CLEANSE', 'DIGEST' or 'GLOW' teas - use code 'NOURISHED' for 15% off


Try adding some sour foods (sour is the flavour associated with spring) to your meals like starting your day with a hot water and fresh lemon juice


Try adding more green leafy’s (the colour for spring is green!) - kales, spinach, broccoli, asian greens, silverbeet


Drink plenty of fresh filtered water to help flush and support both the liver, gallbladder and blood – I've been using the Hydrogen Health water bottle (and shower attachment) for almost a month now and I am so impressed. This technology filters and restructures the water molecule so cells can actually thrive effectively - many things in our world now disrupt the natural shape and mineralisation of water and as water makes up majority of our body and inner cell structure it's a no brainer to only drink the best quality water – use code ‘NOURISHED’ at the very end of the checkout for 15% off



Get some extra zzzz's - heading to bed a little earlier and waking with the sun will help sync healthy cycles within the body and help boost you during this time. Sleep is one of the simplest things we can do to recharge the body and calm our mind and nervous system and help regulate our endocrine (hormone) system. As the liver and gallbladders peak energy times are 11 pm - 3 am try to be fast asleep during these hours. If you are prone to night time urination (nocturia) avoid drinks close to bed time


The liver (and therefore gallbladder) is very susceptible to stress - stress itself, emotional stress and EMF (electro-magnetic fields) so limit phone and laptop exposure and use aeroplane mode when not in use, especially while sleeping.


The liver (and gallbladders) energy needs and thrives on moving freely. Material clutter can clutter our mind and agitate our physical body. Let go of anything that is no longer needed – offering these items to friends, charity donations or sell them on gumtree for some extra pocket money. Create a set ‘home’ or place for all items in your home. This is crucial to create a positive flow and keep your house organised = organised mind and body.


A deep clean for your home. That’s why there’s the saying ‘a spring clean’. If you have alot on your plate right now get comfortable with delegating - get a cleaner/s for a deep clean - and yes they do windows too!


Wash your windows. Having clean windows is such a simple yet powerful thing. The livers sense organ is the eyes and seeing clearly and all the vivid colours is possible when the liver energy is in good flow, nourished and happy. By cleaning our windows we can see clearer and again feel less overwhelmed and cluttered in our mind. Try it!


Write some things down – I suggest using the power of pen to paper all. the. time. It’s also a great tool to use for the change of seasons and just to check in with ourselves to see where we’re at. Write anything down that no longer serves you on one piece of paper and write some things down you wish to bring into your world on another sheet. Tune in and make a little time to really let go of the things you’ve written on the ‘no longer serving note’ and either rip or rip and burn this note. With the ‘things to bring in’ (which could be material things or other changes you wish to embrace) keep this in a visible place (stick on a mirror) or keep in a safe place to reflect back on. Always date notes so you can track your personal growth and experiences!

Happy spring cleansing,

Miriam x



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