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MOULD, and what I'm doing to win this battle.

With all the weather changes and some serious rain for what seems like forever, the perfect conditions were created to support incredible mould growth. Here are some things I've been doing to continue winning this battle .... !!!!

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- Strong vinegar and tea tree oil solution in a spray bottle

using it on anything really (can add clove oil too)

- I bought a UV light $230 to help kill the mould spores (if buying just message me and I can tell you how to use it - very simple, the company doesn't share the instructions when buying the machine)

- Removing anything that encourages mould growth : unfortunately all my beloved bamboo storage containers and some wicker have been a breeding ground for mould to grow. Raw wood surfaces can be cleaned and painted or sealed to avoid this ! We switched our bamboo toothbrushes too for natural ones made of corn fibre !

- cleaned out the vacuum cleaner to avoid respreading mould spores

- I cleaned problem items and whenever it's sunny baked them in the hot sun

- Running the air conditioner on dry while all the windows and doors were closed - the icon is the water droplet

- I first cleaned my air conditioner (wow!!!) so dirty

- We washed all our linen and clothes to have a fresh start

- We have been on top of keeping the house clean and as dust free as possible

** If you have a tricky situation or would like extra tips check out the beautiful Belinda from 'Breathe Easy' who also assesses and provides full home cleaning for mould affected homes.



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