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Moving with the 4 Phases of our Menstrual Cycle : Game Changer !!

We may think of our period (our actual bleed time) as the main event of our ‘cycle’ but actually ether is a lot of big exciting changes, both physical and emotional, within us throughout the whole month.

As females we move through a monthly hormone cycle (or close to) mirroring the Moons cycle – while males run on a 24 hour hormone cycle, mirroring the Sun's cycle = men are yang in nature (as is the sun), women are yin in nature (as is the moon). Even if we are no longer menstruating we are still moving through 4 cycles so tune in and take notes of how you're physically and emotionally changing to track where you are at and best work *with* it.

Just as in nature, we can experience 4 seasons within our menstrual cycle, plus, importantly the transition between cycles, so not necessarily just a clear distinct line between. Moving with these seasons and where You are at can help you *flow* with your cycle and utilise the changes for all areas of your life. It also encourages you to be gentle with yourself and feel empowered by the amazing magic that is, the female body. When we know, we can make better choices.


Menstruation (bleed time)

Lower energy levels (your body is working hard at shedding the lining so be gentle with yourself)

Hormone levels are very low as bleeding begins

Resting and doing things for You is perfect, priority and much needed – let your family (or flatmates) know so they can support you during this time by giving you more space or nurturing you

Libido can be either up or down

Feeling of moving inwards, lack of motivation, wanting to withdraw, a quiet time


Pre-ovulation (follicular phase)

Becoming bright and glowy

Feeling fresh now – an unshedding, rebirthing, emerging

More desire to socialise, spontaneous, more clarity and drive

Oestrogen is rising

Desire for socialising / creating / planning / organising increases

Increase movement / exercise

Feeling lighter more energised

Appetite is lower as serotonin rises



Feeling more confident, socialising, outgoing, networking, creative

Energy levels are higher – here we can handle more workload

Most fertile – libido increases

Appetite is lower as serotonin rises

Cervical discharge changes – like a raw egg white, clear, stretchy, more (this protects the sperm to make it’s way to meet the egg) – different to vaginal mucus present throughout the rest of the month

More focus, drive – productivity is high

Stronger and more vigorous exercise is supportive here

Focus on what brings the most joy and pleasure


Pre-menstrual – luteal phase

Energy levels can be lower

Prepping for the winter – just as in nature

Moving more inwards, get things ready for your winter phase e.g. food prep, tidy up any loose ends, get organised, clean up

Focus on self care here and beginning to move slower

May feel emotions are heightened so prepare for these changes and let your loved ones know you may need space and nurturing

Body is starting to prep for possible pregnancy / shedding of uterine lining

Increased appetite, possible food cravings

May feel fluid retention or bloating

A printable version of this chart is here for you.

Tune in and start taking note where you are at in your cycle and what symptoms or signs you can notice. This is a great opportunity for self in-quiry - no one can know you like you. As you notice, and experience a pattern forming begin to work your life around your cycle changes not the other way around. As always, being gentle with ourselves and remembering how amazing, and how hard our body is working at different stages of the month can help us move with more flow and work with our cycle to best benefit us.


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