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New Ways of Being : Adjusting the Dialogue

A lot of our behaviour, reactions and patterns are a reflection of the dialogue we say / think to ourselves. Often this dialogue is not even our own but a natural human response to an experience or trauma we have encountered, often around fear, lack or worry. Adjusting the dialogue we’ve been told or have created ourselves can make huge powerful and amazingly positive ripples in our lives and can help us break free of what may be holding us back or keeping us in the 'safe zone' on the sideline of life.

These are some common ones I hear often from others and which I‘ve caught myself using. I’ve added some positive ones too which are uplifting and great as a gentle reminder.

- being healthy is not missing out - it’s gaining ‘feeling well’ - life is not happening to you - it’s happening for you - pregnancy is an incredible, empowering and liberating journey - you don’t need to gain weight and lose energy with age

- you can be financially free and on a spiritual journey at the same time 

- everyone has a unique gift to share with the world - our menstrual cycle is a magic opportunity to connect with our innate feminine wisdom and the cycles of nature - good true friends are real. it may take time to find your tribe but they‘re looking for you too - it is possible to love what you do for a living - everyday - there are so many incredible men in the world, that respect women and aren’t all taken - no-one knows you like you

- comparison is a killer

- don’t settle for something less than what you *truly* want or deserve

- there is no time like the present

- reach for the stars - if you want it and believe it it’s yours 

- it’s ok to ask for help 

- you are allowed to shine boldly and brightly - is your birthright



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