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Our *Menstrual Flow* is Created to be Just That - a Flow.

A cyclical dance of building, growing, preparing then cleansing.

Our western world has led us to believe our menstrual cycle is a *burden*, something that can easily be bypassed or manipulated without consequence.

That it is *normal* and part of just what it is to be *female* to have intense fluctuating symptoms of pain, mood changes, irregular days of bleeding and cycle days and hormonal and skin imbalances - that it is a hindrance, something taboo.

If you are a menstruating female of any age, if you are a mother OR father of a menstruating OR soon to be menstruating young woman PLEASE KNOW that there are many avenues of improving, learning and working with your moon cycle for a happy, healthy and ENJOYABLE flow. PLEASE KNOW that you are not alone - our moon time is such a sacred and powerful time for us - which doesn’t just affect people menstruating - but also those we share our lives with.

I share 5 Women’s Wellness blogs here filled with important information we don’t get told about.

There is so much more on the way that I’ll be sharing about our moon cycle (currently creating away ✨) until then you can find these in the Health Hub of my website - under 'Womens Wellness’.

Miriam x



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