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Regulating Your Body Clock aka 'Your Circadian Rhythm'

If you've seen me in clinic I may have shown you another version of this. Either way I am so excited to share my version of it with you here and love the learnings of this very old concept used in Chinese Medicine.

Circadian rhythms are part of the internal clock of the body, following a 24 hour cycle. This plays a huge part in how our body carries out necessary functions and different daily processes. These rhythms help regulate our sleep / wake cycle affecting physical, mental and behavioural changes. They strongly influence our eating habits and digestion, our hormone production and release, our body temperature and our sleeping patterns. The circadian rhythm processes naturally respond to variations in light and dark and affect humans, animals, plants and even microbes.

It is so powerful when we can utilise how natures cycles flow and how they influence our body. Working with this natural rhythm can help balance all our internal body systems, especially our hormone (endocrine), digestive and nervous system. When our body is more in sync, life is better, easier, more fulfilling and we are in *flow*. Makes sense right.

In Chinese Medicine we work with these circadian rhythms, understanding that within them each organ has a 2 hour window of power - meaning that's it's time to shine. When we can benefit the organ during it's allocated time slot we can help the body be as balanced as possible and feel our best. Working with this Horary Clock also encourages structure which our mind, body and emotions love!

The first part of each organ time slot suggests what we can do in that time frame, while the latter part highlights some important functions of the organ. There are so many more important jobs of each organ which I'll share more about another time. Most of all, be gentle with yourself and use this as a guide, seeing what feels best for you.

Your printable version is here.



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