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Reminder : Appreciating our Divine Feminine - Everyday.

We just officially Mother’s Day, and it’s beautiful to dedicate a day of the year to all the mummas. Birthing life is a serious miracle, and I am still in awe of what mama nature has created with human and animal bodies.

It’s fascinating that the feminine energy has powerful mothering qualities, regardless if we are mothers to humans, pets, birth projects through our career paths, nurture others in our family circles or in our community.

We can acknowledge the love, nourishment and strength all females have within them, everyday.

We are wired this way. We have our own birth cycle within us, our hormones are programmed to nourish and nurture, and we have innate abilities of softness and strength.

We are all on different journeys although all have access to our female wisdom within.

I share 5 specific blogs in the 'Womens' Wellness' tab of the 'Health Hub'. If you haven't checked them out or are due for a refresher they're great to help us tap in to our feminine side and remind us how amazing we really are.

Miriam x



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