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Respecting the PoWeRs of Cacao

As much as I love cacao I also highly respect it. It is a powerful stimulator. It can encourage blood to move more vigorously as it is ‘moving + heating’ in nature (think heavy periods / spotting / irregular bleeding, easy blood nose).

It can overstimulate your baby and may cause restlessness in bub, ofcourse some may be less affected than others.

Although it is nutrient dense and supercharged with goodness it can also be ungrounding for some, especially if consumed too often. It’s high content of magnesium, bitter flavour and moving nature can work strongly on the bowels and relax smooth muscle, which the large intestine is made of, while the bitter flavour moves downward, therefore it can move stools quicker than how they should be moving which can create less nutrient absorption.

Moderate how often and how strong you are having cacao. You can substitute it or combine it with carob too, which is an amazingly healthy and tasty alternative. Chai is also a beautiful option for those that love a thicker denser style drink. There are 2 main options with Chai. One with a black style tea which will still have a caffeinated and 'buzzy' effect while the caffeine free version is made with roasted dandelion and chicory root, which are great friends and give a rich, earthy and slightly bitter taste which make it a great coffee sub too. I make my own at home using my Dandy blend and add powdered spices - turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, tiny bit of salt and chilli (optional), cardamon and add all to a small saucepan with a little water to start then gently simmer with mylk. I prefer almond or oat milk although whatever you prefer.

So ofcourse still enjoy cacao whenever you like, and especially if you're working with ceremonial cacao for special events or workshops, I just hear so many women over consuming it and it maybe not serving them as best possible.

There’s a balance. Plants are powerful.

Listen to body not mind.

with love,




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