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Setting Boundaries and Tuning Into Whole Body Yes's

I'm going to be honest, I can't believe I forgot how simple it is .... !

These past few weeks I've been doing a little extra *inner* work. It's been fun, challenging and liberating all packed into one! A lot of interesting things have come to the surface, in particular *boundaries* and in some areas, the lack thereof. Boundaries are necessary, so beneficial and extremely empowering, and although I understand this I occasionally fall off the wagon in this department, then need to dust myself off and hop straight back on.

"We teach others how we wish to be treated"

This is so true and a very important reminder. And it doesn't matter who we set boundaries with : our babies, children, pets, neighbours, partners, parents, siblings, friends, strangers, colleagues, boss - the list goes on.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most powerful one. How we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves and importantly if / how we *listen* to ourselves are all pivoting contributors to how we feel and interestingly how OTHERS treat us. This relationship also reflects the boundaries we CREATE for ourselves.

Taking a little breather to check where things are at and how we're feeling is so important and I think this really is the key to a happy and abundant life. I've been working closely with two little words - 'YES' and 'NO'. Just a few little letters but they really pack a punch! Who would've thought utilising these appropriately could be so tricky but also so incredibly liberating haha.

I can sometimes find myself jumping too soon with a 'YES' before thinking about if this *something* really aligns with me, my values and my time at the *present* moment. And this can be in any situation as I mentioned earlier: with friends, family, our partner, our colleagues, our boss and strangers. For me it can also sometimes come back to a fear of disappointing or letting others down. But I am no good to anyone if I am going against what truly feels good and serves me. And that counts for you too!

Taking a moment to tune in and *feel* into the situation - a full body feel - head, heart, gut and genitals : for the girls our womb space and yoni (vagina) and for the boys the prostate (or 'P' spot). If all four are a quick full response to YES! then all systems go, if there is resistance, give yourself time to decide. "I'll have a little think about it and get back to you tomorrow", "I'd love to have a little space to think about this", "I'll sleep on it" .....

there are countless options, but the main thing is to give ourselves space to make *better* and *healthier* decisions.

For me this is a big one to make sure I give myself permission to really feel what serves me best for where I am at, right now. This is so powerful as it strengthens our relationship with ourselves - you are literally listening to yourself and considering how the true YOU is feeling - not moving from a place of FOMO, people pleasing or auto pilot.



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