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SPRING : Liver and Gallbladder, Wellness Tips and How to Best Utilise the Flow of This Season

The time of growth, new opportunities, abundance, making space : internally + externally.

The 2 organs of this season are the liver and gallbladder. And they are both SO SO important. The liver is like our *commander*. It directs ALL the other organs energy and ensures *smooth flow*. Sad / upset liver (organ or it’s energy) and we’re in for a rough ride.

A printable download version for you of the Horary Clock image is in the tab below.

Horary Clock Circadian Rhythm
Download PDF • 1.21MB


If the liver energy can’t maintain all these directions of energy from the other organs (each organ moves in a different direction - think of a big highway with lots of exits, tunnels, bridges all in one) then we can feel imbalanced, have digestive issues, sleep and mood imbalances, menstrual disharmony including PMS, and in particular pain - any form - anywhere.

**** The liver is ‘DETOX’. If you are doing crazy detoxes / flushes / cleanses - basically anything excessive, there’s a good chance you are over burdening this organ instead of helping it - just be gentle and consistent instead. If you treat it well it will do it’s job well, which is , detoxing. Avoid chemicals (food, home, life), eat clean and minimise stress, have fun and don’t overdo things. Easy.

The liver also manages blood - yes the heart pumps it but the liver tells blood where to go : muscles for exercise, gut for digesting, uterus for menstruation / pregnancy.

It’s buddy the gallbladder, often cut out because nature must have made a mistake (please don’t get your gallbladder removed !!), is one of the most central organs we have.

Yes, this little green sac filled with bile hanging out underneath our liver - under the right rib cage, is responsible for the balance between up + down, front + back, and the sides. It is responsible for anything ‘cyclical’ - **. hint, we are cyclical beings = menstruation, digestion, sleep etc. it rules clear decision making and clarity.

The gallbladder also rules the side body and therefore ensures we are balanced - even female / masculine balancing of our body and energies.

So as you can see these 2 organs are pretty important and crave some attention to keep them happy so they can best serve us. I've shared lots of tips below to have a happy and balanced Spring season.

Some self help lifestyle and wellness tips are below for body, mind and home.




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