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Want a Calm and Clear Mind? - How to Change the Form of Your Thoughts

Is your mind running a million miles an hour?

Do you have big dreams and hopes for your future?

Do you have ephipanies all day or amazing world changing ideas flooding in?

OR are you trying to figure out what your purpose is, what you’re here for and what you could possibly fill your days with?

These are all very different things but the one thing linking them is the TOOL that will help you

- gain clarity

- stay calm

- get drive

- and feel organised

So what is this magical tool I speak of ? ....

It’s writing things down!!

So simple yet so effective.  This is such a huge tool to have in your toolbox - it’s so big and it’s been so incredibly beneficial in my life that I’m going to (very soon) flesh this out a lot to share all the things I’ve learnt about putting pen to paper.  But you can already start using this tool right now.  Choose a book, scrap paper, a whiteboard - or anything to take notes on.


- If you have a worry or concern - write it down.

- If you have amazing ideas - write them down - and file them in specific category Manila folders.

- If you’re feeling overwhelmed draw a diagram of you in the centre and list all the things that are in your life - make a circle for friends, businesses / work, family, self care - anything that you spend time on - then see what you could cut back on.  You can also do this if you are feeling underwhelmed or a little lost to help you see what you already have -  and then be grateful for it, and what you could bring into your life.

When we change the form of our thoughts - from thinking to the actual materialisation of something - they can move out of our head creating space so we can feel comfortable relaxing, and just BE-ing.  It allows us to take a step back and be witness to thoughts rather than mulling them over and over and over.

It’s a beautiful way to shift something out from our internal space and put it into a different level of *us*.  It will still be yours - but in written form, it will not be ‘in’ you as such.  This makes so much space, improves sleep, calms the body and nervous system, keeps the mind clear and free and importantly allows us to process emotions and thoughts differently - in a more positive way.

I have integrated writing so strongly in my life now that as soon as an idea or to-do pops into my head - I write it down. If it's super important it gets stuck on my floor so I can't miss it (or the side of the fridge) or if it's an idea I write it straight into a designated ideas book or onto a scrap piece of paper and file it into a designated ideas folder. I even have a little piece of blutak in my car that I use for when I have all my amazing ideas while driving! I pull over - write it down and stick it on my dash so when I get home I can transfer it. That way I can carry on enjoying my day without worrying that I might forget the thought, the brilliant idea or the important task and without clogging up my mind with trivial things, and I find it so beneficial.

Happy writing,

Miriam x



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