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What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

Pain or discomfort, skin, digestive, immune, gynaecological and fertility conditions are all manifestations of our body wanting us to listen.  Desperately trying to get our attention. This post has been inspired by some serious clinic cases in the last week, and although not everyone is in the same boat, imbalances within the body all have a beginning, which I find soo fascinating. 

The body first speaks in a whisper.  If it is not heard it will get louder, until it is screaming, and often we may be forced to listen as our health conditions become more and more serious.

In our western society I feel there is a theme of not wanting to ‘do the work’ because then we have to ‘feel stuff’.  A quick fix means we don’t really have to deal with anything.  It’s like getting an express pass through the crappiness.  But the funny thing is we cannot run from ourselves, or hide, and issues will catch up with us at some stage.  There is work to be done on a daily basis, and I think that is the deal for having a human body and having the opportunity of a human experience.  There are very few people who are successful, look and feel amazing and are living their purpose and gifting it to the world who just wake up like that.  They make choices everyday to do the work.  Physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

I have heard countless times, ‘well you gotta die of something right ?’. I don’t believe doing the work is about avoiding death or prolonging life, but more about having the best ‘quality’ of life possible.  Living pain free, energized, glowing, happy, with clarity and in flow.

We can keep going as usual, possibly medicated and using stimulus or habits to keep ourselves distracted, or we can steadily make our way through the uncomfortableness and work on listening to our body. Suppressed emotions and stress are by far the main cause of health conditions although it may not be recognized as this by Western Medicine.  I really believe the trick is to address the bodies concerns when it is still whispering.  If there is anger, frustration, sadness, fear or resentment towards others or ourselves (often the case) it is so powerful to firstly acknowledge it, and then work towards allowing them to dissipate so we can make more space for positive growth. 

My favourite tools for listening and working on moving through things are: being in nature, surrounding myself with good quality people, eating high vibrational clean plant foods, solo travel, yoga, meditation, creative work, journaling and writing and clearing myself and my spaces with white sage (blog and how to here).



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