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Menstrual Moon Oil for breasts + womb



  • Regulates menstruation and female hormones
  • Helps reduce and relieve pain and cramps
  • Minimises breast swelling and sensitivity
  • Balances mood and PMS symptoms
  • Enhances a deeper connection with self, womb space and heart chakra
  • Warming and calming



For regulating all aspects of womens hormones including all stages of the female menstrual cycle, calming mind, balancing emotions and minimising menstrual symptoms.



A delicate combination of a powerful Chinese Herb and essential oils in a carrier of sweet almond and hemp oil.


Warming and calming, it assists in regulating your menstrual cycle, helps with relieving cramps and bloating and encourages deeper connection with self, womb space and heart chakra.



Remember to take time for yourself while menstruating especially on the first day of flow. This is a sacred time for stillness and slowing down so a perfect time for self care and pampering.




A delicate combination of Chinese Herbs, hemp oil and essential oils in a carrier of sweet almond oil. 




Menstrual Moon Oil

  • Mugwort herb infused in organic sweet almond oil, organic hemp oil, essential oils: sage, rosemary, clary sage, ylang ylang, sweet fennel.


    50 ml  -  frosted glass dropper bottle


    Use before and during your menstrual flow, during ovulation or any time to help relieve PMT, discomfort, fluid retention,improve your flow, balance hormones and emotions and connect with yourself.


    Massage oil onto lower belly and breasts. Then add a few drops to palms, press and cup to nose, deeply inhale 3 times.


    Rub your palms on the back of your neck and behind your ears to have this moon oil envelopyour senses. onto lower abdomen in a crescent shape under your navel and / or lower back, around breast tissue especially the sides (avoiding nipples) and behind ears / neck and onto wrist creases.

    Great to use if feeling anxious at any time throughout your month.

    Use as needed for self care and support.

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