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A luxe 44 page A5 journal like no other.


Understand your body, all stages of your cycle and help balance your hormones!  Boost fertility to be your best version, not just for making babies  .....




Move through your months with more ease and flow. Easily track your period and use this journal for conscious contraception or conception - with full explanation of ovulation and how and when all this happens.





- cycle signs and symptoms explained to better understand what your body is trying to tell you

- tips and tricks to help balance your hormones, your period and your fertility (and not just for making a baby!)

- clearly understand your fertile window for natural contraception or conscious conception (preparing for pregnancy)

- full year calendar to record your cycle in one easy to view layout

- full explanation of ovulation, vaginal / cervical mucus changes, hormone changes and cycle stages

- lots of Self Care tips and wellness knowledge for each of the 4 stages of your cycle (think foods to eat, exercise levels, rest, hormonal changes etc )

- a mantra for each month

- journal prompts for each month

- a dedicated page to reflect on every month (this is where the gold is!!)

- natures 4 seasons explained and how to best support yourself through each and how to use this for your cycle and to feel your best and be supported in all areas of your life

- Yin and Yang explained and how it relates to your cycle

- the 4 main moon cycles to help you move with those as well as specific moon rituals for each phase

- explaining the deep connection between our cycles as women and the cycles of nature (a huge game changer!! )




I'm excited for you to connect and understand your body and your cycle so much better, and be able to support yourself in these nourishing ways.




Miriam x



Menstrual & Cyclical Living Journal

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