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These tea blends have been thoughtfully hand blended by me using my knowledge in Herbal Medicine, both Chinese herbal medicine and Western herbal medicine (working with my Naturopath father).  Combined by flavours and medicinal benefits for supporting body, mind and soul, to evoke slowing down and making space within your day.


**   100 % certified organic loose leaf tea range

**   Each blend is 40 serves  of loose leaf tea

**   Packed in an amber glass jar with black airtight seal lid



Make time for you. Space for self.  Ritual is everything.

Blended for body, mind + soul. Formulations by a Dr of TCM.






Energise + Skin      85g


Fresh, uplifting, perfect to boost skin health and keep things light and balanced.

Use to start your day, mid morning or as a pick me up early afternoon.


Ingredients : gan jiang (ginger), xiang mao (lemongrass), hibiscus, lemon myrtle, jin zhan ju (calendula)





Soothe + Strengthen Gut      125g


Sweet and warming, this gentle blend supports happy digestion. 

Perfect to sip on throughout your day or before or after meals or to settle tummy.


Ingredients : gan jiang (ginger), gan cao (licorice root), lemon balm, chen pi (orange peel), xiao hui xiang (fennel)





Relax + Unwind     35g


This soothing blend aka 'sleepy tea' helps ground and calm.

Great during the day or especially in the evening for deep rest and to assist in getting sleeping and relaxing.


Ingredients : Huang ju chu (chamomile), lemon verbena, lavender,  mei gui hua (red rose), blue cornflower





Cleansing Liver, Blood & Gut     90g


Cleanse, boost and restore, this blend helps support the liver, kidneys, blood and digestion.

Use as needed to assist with rebalancing the detoxifcation organs.


Ingredients : Pu gong ying gen (dandelion root), gan jiang (ginger), nettle leaf, gan cao (licorice root), jin zhan ju (calendula), bo he (mint), blue cornflower





Protect + Boost    50g


Gently boost the body and immunity. 

Created as all year round support or during seasonal changes.

** if you are experiencing strong cold or flu like symptoms please contact your health care professional


Ingredients : xiang mao (lemongrass), ci wu jia (siberian ginseng), echinacea,, lemon verbena, huang qi (astragalus root), sage, chen pi (orange peel)





Add 1-2 teaspoons to 1 large cup of boiling water, steep 3 - 5 minutes or longer.


If preferred, lightly chill after brewing during warmer months.

Store out of direct sunlight.



*** MORE BLENDS ARE COMING SOON : Awaiting labels and packaging.  Stay tuned.




Disclaimer: Please note, these teas are not designed to treat or medicate health concerns.  Check with your healthcare professional before consuming this tea range and before or during pregnancy.







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