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 I'm excited to share that this course is undergoing an amazing transformation !!


Relaunching very soon.


Create your dream daily life through intentional and empowered living.

Too often time can pass by and we may find ourselves operating in a surviving mode rather than thriving mode.

The teachings I share in this program give permission and guidance for tuning into your true self, your heart, your instinct and what is really important to you. 


The 12 video modules and PDF guide notes help you get clear and get in flow using potent tools to reawaken, redefine and realign. 




This program is for you if you would like:

  • greater clarity

  • to have more energy

  • to have more time

  • to feel in flow

  • to feel organised

  • to take charge of your own life

  • to find balance of being and doing

  • to achieve and receive things you would like

  • to thrive not just survive

  • to understand yourself better

  • to move through patterns of behaviour which don't serve you

  • to create healthy habits

  • to create a life you love

  • to get clear and move in the direction that feels best for you

  • to feel nourished by your day to day choices, life and surroundings

  • to feel peace, fulfillment and gratitude

  • to hold yourself accountable for the life you are experiencing and creating




Join the Waitlist

Wellness + Lifestyle Program

'Healthy Habits & Manifestation Masterclass'

Thanks for joining the waitlist !  Exciting things ahead.  I'll be in touch soon x

womens' reviews of THRIVE

I loved participating in the Healthy Habits course with Miriam. She has so much knowledge to share and I could really feel how passionate she is about helping people become the best versions of themselves.

I felt completely supported and safe to share honestly how I was feeling & what was coming up for me during the course.


She taught me tools that helped me gain a new perspective on my life. Breaking through old thought patterns, I gained the confidence in myself to be able to transition from working full time for someone else to part-time, allowing me to focus more on my own business.


I have created structure & routine that has given me so much more time & energy to put into my business, relationships & enjoying my life to fullest extent!

Jackie V.   Create Flow Breathwork

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