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A holistic lifestyle program to reawaken, redefine and realign.

Guided modules to inspire, support, bring clarity and flow, to help create positive changes to live your best, balanced life.

I loved participating in the Healthy Habits course with Miriam. She has so much knowledge to share & I could really feel how passionate she is about helping people become the best versions of themselves.

I felt completely supported and safe to share honestly how I was feeling & what was coming up for me during the course.


She taught me tools that helped me gain a new perspective on my life. Breaking through old thought patterns, I gained the confidence in myself to be able to transition from working full time for someone else to part-time, allowing me to focus more on my own business.


I have created structure & routine that has given me so much more time & energy to put into my business, relationships & enjoying my life to fullest extent!


Create Flow Breathwork

Thank you so much Miriam for the most amazing course. It as given me so much clarity especially at a time in my life that things seemed very unclear and I had so much doubt in myself. The growth I have experienced I never thought possible. I will continue to grow with all the amazing things I have learnt from you. I am so excited to see everything unfold and what the future holds for me.


You’re such a kind and beautiful soul. I am so very grateful to you for your kindness and wisdom. You’re an amazing woman thank for all your help and support, you are a beautiful guiding light.

Jess D.

Sunshine Coast

Miriam, I just wanted to say Thankyou so much for your course. I found it so helpful in clarifying my rituals and what the non negotiables to support myself. And also to see what it is I want to call in.

It was amazing to think of the four areas of life to find a balanced focus that isn’t just about work, so important. I love learning about the horary clock as I have been teaching yin for a year now and so cool to think of the elements and organs in that way. Thanks again, I appreciate you and all your time, work and wisdom.

Kali R.

Palm Beach

Miriam, this is the most wonderful, useful & supportive course I've been a part of. The tools you've given us are ones I will use always and I know they will help me so much to continue to grow. I'm so grateful to you Miriam, and the amazing woman who shared this course with me.

Sharon B.

Mt Nelson

I just wanted to send you a message and say how thankful I am that I was able to experience your magic, generosity and teachings over the past little while with the course. The way you delivered the content feels so approachable, inviting and really debunked a lot of things for me, especially in regards to the journaling and manifestation. I feel this total sense of clarity that I haven’t had in a really long time and feel excited about the future and my ability to co-create it, so I am so deeply deeply thankful.

Florence T.


Thanks Miriam for your wisdom & insights & gathering them all into this special well structured container.

Tanya C.

Sunshine Coast

Hi beautiful,

I'm so excited to share that the THRIVE Intentional + Empowered Living program is almost available and open to the public after 3 successful guided rounds with 39 women !   It’s time to put you as priority, get clear and get in flow using potent tools to reawaken, redefine and realign.


Theres's still a few small edits are underway, but not long till round 4 is launching again !!!

To join me on this life refresh journey, sign up for the waitlist and early bird discount.

below.  No obligation, just collecting women interested, to have everyone in a group to update once details are finalised.

Excited to move with you soon.

Miriam x

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Thankyou !  Excited to move with you soon.