There are several different ideas of yoga, its styles and how to do it. 

Generally, it is an ancient system of principles, philosophies and practices originating from Vedic tradition in India and the Himalaya region, over 2500 years ago.  This system understands the many dimensions of a human and through this belief involves breath control, meditation and specific postures and movements.  through practicing yoga the breath, mind and body are united, improving health, inner peace, mental clarity and physical ease. 

Yoga is a practice, it's not about contorting your body into weird shapes, although that can come with time and dedication.  It is about making a stronger connection between your mind and body, and learning about and caring for yourself through taking time out for you, without external distractions,  just you on the yoga mat.  It's not about wearing the latest yoga outfits or having the best gear.  It is about listening to your body, and noticing that everyday on the yoga mat is often different.  There is such a sense of accomplishment to see your progression through your dedication to your yoga practice, reaping the benefits physically, mentally and also witnessing the positive effect that ripples into all corners of your life. 


One aspect of yoga is about breaking fears, doubts and patterns that surface during a session and learning to face them and move through them with control, using your breath and your focus.  You cannot perform a strong balancing sequence with a monkey mind, and you cannot perform an arm balance with a fear of falling.  What happens on our yoga mat is a mini version of what happens in our external world.  Therefore learning how to move through challenges in a yoga class helps us to approach difficult situations with control and clarity when we are off our mat.


The list of benefits is endless.  Yoga is great for anyone, young, old, flexible, unflexible, short, tall, any body shape even pregnant women, and the beauty is that you determine how much or little you take from yoga and how far you take your practice. It can involve one yin (slow movements and stretching fascia) session a week or be an hour slow flow or vinyassa (moving with breath, stronger based class, stretching muscles) class every day.

I am a qualified yoga teacher and have completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training recognised by the Yoga Alliance. 

I teach vinyassa, slow flow and yin yoga, and integrate breath-work and meditation into classes moving to appropriate music.

I offer individual classes as well as group sessions (group sessions available shortly).

Individual sessions are designed specifically for you and are suitable if you:

  • would like to improve your yoga practice

  • would like proper alignment and adjustments to modify your existing practice to suit your individual body or if you are recovering from physical trauma

  • are new to yoga

  • would like to prepare for external group sessions of yoga

  • work and learn better in one on one teaching environments


If you are wondering if yoga is for you or when a private session is available please call the Nourished Temple clinic.

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