My treatment approach is gentle, making you feel heard about your health concerns, and formulating a treatment plan to suit you and your individual presentation. 


I combine modalities to get quick results, so you can get back to enjoying your life sooner.  A combination of acupuncture, diet and lifestyle advice and in most cases Chinese herbal medicine is used to ensure all aspects of your health concern or health maintenance program are addressed.



The session will start by talking about what may be concerning you.  All information is strictly confidential.   I feel your pulse on both hands, (a Chinese medicine theory based on more than just  the heart rate),  look at your tongue and check any hindered range of movement if you have a musculo-skeletal issue.

preparing for treatment:

In most cases no clothing needs to be removed as the treatment approach often focuses on

distal needling on the hands or forearms and calves or feet. 

This is the fascinating approach of chinese medicine which can be explained by the analogy of 'a light is usually turned on or off at the wall not the globe'.  

All aspects of the body are connected and acupuncture harnesses this connection to balance the body, not always at the site of pain or near the problem area. 


the treatment:

After explaining the treatment plan, very fine, single use sterile needles are inserted into    specific areas.  This process is usually comfortable and painless, as acupuncture needles are much much finer and smaller than medical grade needles, with many people falling asleep or resting deeply.  

Depending on your treatment the number of needles may vary, however a less is more approach is taken as each acupuncture point used is a messenger between the brain and body.  Once the needles are in I leave the room so you can rest for between 20-30 minutes, allowing you to fully benefit from the relaxing and therapeutic effects of acupuncture.  


A heat lamp, cupping or gua sha may be combined with your acupuncture treatment, which will be discussed.  ​

your treatment plan:

After removing the needles any questions you may have can be answered. 

We will talk about the treatment plan and approach that best suits you.

Dietary and lifestyle suggestions may be given, and a Chinese herbal formula or supplements

may be prescribed with your consent, to assist in improving your treatment results and minimising recurrence of your condition. 

Often more than one treatment is needed to ensure your symptoms and condition are treated appropriately and you stay symptom free. 

Everyone is different and as this style of treatment is designed for you specifically there is no

set number of sessions for a condition, although I can speculate taking into account similar cases. 

We will discuss your options,  allowing you to make the best choice, for you.

*** cancellation policy ***

As a courtesy, and to provide opportunity for other clients to benefit from treatment, please give at least 24 hours notice when rescheduling or cancelling your appointment.  The Nourished Temple clinic reserves the right to charge a $70 cancellation fee if less notice is given.