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Hi, I'm Miriam.

      I'm so happy you're here.  

You may be a client of mine in my clinic, you may have found one of my videos or articles online or someone you care for suggested you may find this site useful.  Whichever way you have arrived, I'm so happy you're here.  I am a Dr of Chinese Medicine, and acupuncturist, a yoga teacher (and forever student!), and the creator of ILA + AVA skincare.  I am also a big believer in living your truth, creating a life you love and feeling nourished on all levels, all while respecting mama Earth, and all animals! 


Feeling 'nourished' is so much more than just eating well.  It's every facet of our being, and our life.  From feeling nourished in our relationships, our home and our work to feeling nourished from our passion, hobbies and travels.  Essentially its about feeling alive!  Thriving! (not just surviving)  And our temple?  Well that's our carrier, our vessel, our soft machine.  We just get one for the whole ride and I believe we must nurture it and be grateful for the amazing job it does, everyday.













Why Nourished Temple and how I got here .... 

You may want to get comfy, there's a bit I'm sharing here! hahaha   Sooo it's been an interesting ride that's for sure.  Life is one beautiful adventure and we all have our story, even if we have let parts of it go.  A few years ago I reflected and realised I put myself into situations where there is great learning to be experienced.  I didn't know why others just seemed to cruise through life and why I chose the rocky road, intentionally it seems, and then had to fight my way through things!  I believe this was my plan and part of what I had always envisaged for Nourished Temple to be - a culmination of information and inspiration to live our best lives.  I am a truth seeker.  I am the type of person that needs to experience things, see them, and do my best to understand them to know if I do or don't want them in my life.  Well, mostly until my 30's (now I can differentiate what serves me much better, and quicker).   Hence why I have experienced a lot of amazing things in my 36 laps around the sun.  Many of them were intense times although there were just as many incredible times too of course, and both combined have allowed me to fully understand the importance of balancing the 4 aspects of human life : physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual (which together is 'holistic').

I don't think there are coincidences and I feel everything happened for a perfect reason, (it always does) to get me to this very place of typing these words and being able to share this knowledge I have collected, learned and experienced myself over all these years.  Its been hard work and I have been very dedicated.  Many many years of full time study, a few years worth of solo international travel, countless life changing experiences through shamanic rituals, workshops, powerful meditations and sound healings, yoga trainings, big lessons from relationships and everyday life experiences, and countless journal entries and planning and rearranging ideas.  I now feel comfortable and confident in streamlining all I have learnt into a neat little package of wellness wisdom that is Nourished Temple.

I grew up with a family background in natural therapies so I always seemed keen to learn from my amazing father.  And as a child I was always drawn to animals and had experienced extremely close bonds with all of my pets.  I still find it so special to communicate with an animal without words - the feelings and insight they can share just through their eyes or behaviour is something us humans can definately learn from.  I believe we are all searching for - and entitled to freedom and for that reason I will always be a voice for the voiceless.  Through my work now, even in my clinic, I hope to show people the link between feeling balanced within themselves, their connection to something greater than just their body - universal and ofcourse mama nature, and through this be kinder to themselves, others, animals and our planet.

When I was 13, in Germany at the time, I had some clarity about what I was truly eating when I was consuming meat dishes.  I remember it was a traditional German breakfast with all forms of animal products you can think of: salami, meat spreads, cheese, butter, milk, eggs.  From that day on I decided not to eat meat anymore, and although some thought it would most likely be a phase, I am happy to say it has been 23 years now and I don't see it changing.  I stopped wearing leather and using all animal fabrics while I was vegetarian (no meat) and was minimising animal products more and more until I finally jumped and transitioned to a pure plant powered lifestyle.  I had hesitated for so long as I was often criticised for being 'extreme' and people around me were worried that being vegan meant that I would become unwell.  Honestly, I can understand the concern as I too saw and knew many people who were not 'healthy vegans' and hence I feel even more empowered and inspired to share Nourished Temple with you to ensure I can share knowledge about how to feel your best, and better than before, while being supported by plants.  I strongly believe there is so much more to the material aspect of what we eat and therefore, for me, consuming animals doesn't feel in line with my true self.  There are also so many amazing health benefits, not to mention the lowered risk of inflammatory diseases and cancers, and a much smaller footprint on our beautiful earth when we eat more plants.  For me I cannot pretend that the disgraceful treatment of animals in our farming industry isn't happening.  Following this lifestyle has allowed me to fully be present and comfortable with my daily choices and it allows me to openly move from my heart space and feel at ease that I am doing my part for a positive change and future.

When I was around 23 my little sister Jessica passed away, aged 17.  Ater almost 2 years of fighting for her wellness.  She passed from an aggressive melanoma and left her earth body to go dancing in the Summer Land (as many mediums have said it is called).  This left my family and I completely devastated and I personally felt numb for at least 5 years.  I woke every morning feeling like I was just a shell and couldn't comprehend that she would never experience so many things and there was now one member missing in our family.  I do however believe everything happens for a reason and death is a part of this whole human experience.  I also know that my sister died young to help my family and I progress spiritually and I am so grateful I understand that and have followed that path and used this experience for good.  I am beyond grateful for her daily guidance.  I also know that this has allowed me to move to a state of being more 'awake' which I wish for everyone.  I remember from around 13 till 30 I was drinking a lot, smoking for many many years, finding myself in the hospitality industry working till early hours and just going through life.  Through the motions.  I didn't feel connected to my body and didn't even know I didn't feel connected !  Yoga really helped me with this, allowed me to learn how to move my physical body with control, how to calm my mind and how to move on my spiritual path with ease.  It was only after all of these experiences and learning so many tools that I understood I could create a life I loved, enjoyed and was proud of.


The culmination of everything I do now and wish to share allows me to live a full life and be of service to leave a beautiful mark.  I hope you find something that resonates with you, something you can incorporate into your life to brighten your world and then share with others. 

much love,

Miriam xx

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