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Hi beautiful,


Welcome !  I am very excited, (and honoured!) to share this online self help course with you.

This is version 8 of this work, and I grow more passionate and more determined to connect with women interested in it each time. 


I saw a deep need for sharing this information as the same topics and concerns were (and continue to) surfacing through my work with hundreds of women in my Peregian Holistic Health clinic and online.  Over 66 women have taken part in the THRIVE work now and experienced positive shifts and are equipped with beautiful tools they can use at any stage in their life to best support them.


This course provides powerful tools for positive shifts, to help us Thrive not just survive.


Learn tools and systems to simplify and streamline your days, fill your cup, deepen the connection with yourself and create and manifest your dream life.




98 Page PDF E-Book Work Manual with easy to follow slides from the Workshop so you can refer back to these tools at any stage.  Printable and downloadable for life time access.


12 easy to follow video modules to move at your own pace through the content.


Optional live video calls with a group of like minded women for sharing, learning in person and gaining guidance on any questions or blocks.





This self care course is a way to tune in to what really matters and what you really want, to learn new tools, to gain clarity on how you wish to live your day-to-day life and how to call in, and receive, what you desire.




We'll cover :


  • Journaling
  • Changing your dialogue
  • Clarity, intuition and the 3 zones of feeling
  • Your 4 life categories and how to balance them
  • Self inquiry : how to get clear answers
  • Goal setting + mind mapping
  • Manifesting (4 simple and highly effective steps)
  • Moving in rhythm : circadian rhythm & menstrual cycle
  • Icon planner : create your dream days & more space
  • Routines + rituals : self care, non -negotiables & systems
  • Morning & night routine to positively support you
  • Empowerment : boundaries, guilt, cord cutting, self sabotage, fears






-    Are you wanting more space and time for yourself, your family and things that bring you joy ?  (if you are struggling with feeling guilty for even wanting this then you're in the right place!)


-  Are you ready for tools and systems for streamlining your days, improving your productivity while also having time to just 'be'  ?


-  Are you open to deepening the connection with your true self, learning ways to 'listen' to what your body and soul needs (and not let your mind always run the show) ?


-  Are you needing to refine the ways you take care of yourself to fill your own cup but don't know where to start, what you actually like or truly need or where to fit it into your week ?


-   Do you want to change careers, deepen your work or

start your own business ?  Or are you ready to further your education ?


-    Are you ready for a new relationship or to start a family  or wanting to call in new friendships or deepen existing ones  ?  Or are you in a time where you would like to prioritise your family and yourself ?

-    Is this your year for a health and fitness refresh  ?  A time where you want to focus more on you and your wellbeing but have noticed there are patterns of behaviour holding you back ?

-   Are you craving to refine supportive routines and rituals for your self care  ?


-  Have you tried manifesting although it didn't feel clear or like positive shifts were made or experienced ?





1.  Learn many powerful tools to add to your toolkit and importantly how to utilise them well.  These will include some physical techniques for self care.


2.  Get clear on what you want, your ideal days and weeks and how to refine this.


3.  Learn skills for clear manifestation and create and refine routines and rituals to best support you.





Join me and like minded women in this safe space course for deepening the connection with yourself, finding your flow and creating your ideal days for now and your future.





I look forward to sharing and guiding you through wisdom I have compiled over many years now to help you feel nourished on all levels and Thrive (not just survive).



Sign up to be on the waitlist and notified for when course access opens.


Miriam x





THRIVE online course

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