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Hi !!  You can find Feng Shui and happy home tips I've created for you in the blogs here and a short video home tour here to get you started.
Welcome !
Making happy, healthy spaces is my passion and I love helping others create more flow in their material areas to improve health and create more flow and in their life.  Our home affects all aspects of our life : health, mood, relationships, money, creativity and productivity.

With just 3 simple steps we work together to give your room a refresh using principles of Feng Shui (based on Chinese Medicine 5 element theory), organisation, decluttering and styling while using the items you already have and love.
If you're ready to refresh several rooms or your whole home, just let me know to receive a discounted rate.

What to do .......
Step 1:
Take up to 5 photos of the room you'd like to refresh.

Step 2 :
Answer these 2 questions. 
- What do you love and what do you dislike about this space now ?

- What is the main function of this room ?  E.g. bedroom only, study/ spare room / kids play room combined.

Step 3:
Email your photos and answers to and purchase 'Room Refresh' via the online store.
Happy Clients

Miriam, I wanted to send you a massive THANK YOU for helping me to change my office space.

It wasn’t until I spoke with you that I realised how the energy in my office was effecting my mood and motivation for work.

Adding new furniture, moving things around, adding some organisation made a huge difference to my office, motivation and the energy in the room.  I actually love my office now and is my favourite place in the house because of the uplifting energy in there.
Thank you so so much for creating this for me

Krishell   Sunshine Coast, Qld.

  • Need help decluttering and reorganising your space ?
  • Want a functional, welcoming and beautiful home, without the high consulting price tag?
  • Broken sleep ?  Waking unrefreshed ?
  • Digestive issues ?  Constipation ?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, brain fog ?
  • Energy could be better ?  Ready for an immunity boost ?
  • Want thriving relationships, a happy work / life balance and plenty of time to actually enjoy life ?


I've always loved decluttering and redesigning spaces since I was a young girl.  I would be so amazed how good I felt when my space was feeling clean, organised and in flow.  Now, I understand why and I continue to have a strong relationship with my home to make sure it feels happy and healthy to best support me and my family. 


I use the ancient art of Feng Shui concepts (from my Dr of Chinese Medicine background) to help balance a space combined with understanding what function, feel and style best suits you and your lifestyle. 

By shifting furniture around, decluttering and reorganising, then adding a few extra touches, your space will be happy, healthy and in flow and the perfect place to feel safe, nurtured and recharged.   In the process you will notice the positive shifts in your wellbeing, clarity and the opening to abundance in all ways.

I'm excited to work with you to create sacred spaces for you to thrive in.

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