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A Reminder to Let Our Body Speak.

In eastern traditions, like yoga, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan etc, it has, for thousands of years, been common practice to listen to the powerful messages of the body, while quietening the mind.

In our western culture we can prefer to *think* we know what the body needs most and let our mind run the show. There can be lots of noise, confusion, overnight health gurus with new fads every few months etc etc that can make it a tougher journey than what it needs to be. And an expensive one at that ! The body is so wise and does such an incredible job, every second of everyday. It just wants to be heard and given a little more space to *actually* do it’s job.

It’s like a remembering and ‘unravelling’ to help us encourage our soft machine to speak up again, and regain our trust to talk, and then allow the body and mind to communicate respectively.

This also forms a big part of our intuition. Our instinctual innate knowing. The more the body is doubted or silenced the less it might try to tell us. I invite you to tune in to your beautiful body that is carrying you, and hear what it has to say. You can play the *observer* and take any notes of what comes up in a journal or notepad.

Body scans are also a beautiful way of really tuning in to see how the body is feeling or to help clear any blockages it may have. You can find support with this hear with this 30 minute guided meditation.




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