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How to Make a Happy Home, and Improve All Aspects of Your Life

Our home is a direct reflection of US and our health !

I find this really fascinating and I love seeing / hearing about peoples homes and giving suggestions on how to make a home happier so it can support us and feel like a safe space for growth, abundance and love. Our home (and any other space we spend time in for that matter) affects every aspect of our lives : our health, mood, our relationships – inside and outside of our home, our energy and productivity levels, our state of clarity, how well we sleep and even influences opportunities that come to us.

So, here are my 5 top tips that I use in my own home :

1. Keep it light and bright

I’m a neutral, natural tone sorta girl. I may have been called 'linen lady' a few times haha. Although I love colour, in my space and for my clothes I find bright colours distract and create too much noise for me, but ofcourse everyone is different so go with what feels right for you. By light and bright I also mean keep it open, fresh and encourage lots of natural light to fill your space. Work with different window coverings (some create more of a heavier feeling even when open than others), utilise mirrors to help bounce light around the room, choose minimal patterns to lessen noise and help create smoother lines for your eyes to follow. This also helps to keep our mind calm and our nervous system in the 'chill' mode.

2. Go green

Bring nature inside. Nature is alive. It is life and it can totally change our mood, sleep and health in general. Plants are so beautiful and give a fresh burst of colour to any space. If you are new to being a plant parent start simple – succulents are so easy and need minimal attention. Juicy leaf hangers (like the one in this pic) and thick leafed plants are also an easy option as they are much more resilient. Choose different types to bring real life to your space. Natural fibres and materials are important and they also look amazing. As we spend so much time in our homes its important to choose low tox materials – everything around us affects us and is absorbed to some extent by our body. Linens, bamboo, natural wood, seagrass and other matted fibres are perfect, add lots of texture and are pretty hardy too.

Open your (clean !) windows regularly allowing fresh air to filter through all areas of your home. Our plants and natural fibres help create healthy air too.

3. Everything should have its place

This is suc

h a powerful one and is a serious gamechanger. By creating a set place for all things it is easy to tidy up, keep things organised and importantly be able to always find them (this is a great stress reducer!). Make sure all people utilising the space you’re in know where things belong. Utilise cupboards, drawers and room dividers to keep things out of sight - the more we see the more our mind and body is stimulated.

4. Work with YOUR space

This is some Feng Shui goodness here (the Chinese principle of balancing the energy in your space for optimal health, abundance and happiness). Really feel into your space. Often it may just be a little moving around of furniture which creates a much better feel – this is the energy flow or qi (chi pronouned 'chee') and working with this can totally change your life! If you have a beach house heavy antique furniture may not be the best fit. If you have a forest cabin light fine furniture may not feel quite right. That being said choose what feels good to you. I love playing around with furniture – something simple like a new coat of paint, replacing the legs of a couch or table gives it new life and can make it fit your space. I like matching expensive stylish pieces with staples and neutral items. Personally I love tinkering and make a lot of my decorative pieces out of random natural things I've collected.

5. Less is more

If you struggle to find your floor I invite you to take a moment to check in with how your mind feels. Majority of the time clutter in our space clutters our mind. This can be so powerful that we may even become dependant on material belongings for a sense of comfort (hoarding). The more space you can create the better you will feel physically, emotionally and psychologically. Plus less clutter encourages better air flow and energy flow. This is also incredibly useful if you would like to bring in more abundance, love or opportunities into your world. There must be space for new things to come in.

to your happy home,

Miriam x



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