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3 Steps to Help Soothe & Conquer Anxiety

This year I have definitely noticed a bigger pattern of anxiety or feelings of anxiousness in my own life, people around me and in clinic. Life can be demanding, and at times overwhelming and may bring us bigger waves than we expected or that we feel we are comfortable enough riding (we might even find ourselves just trying to keep our head above water).  

One of the main triggers of feeling anxious is when we find it tricky to manage our fears and worries, which can make us feel overwhelmed and ungrounded, physically within ourselves, especially in our chest area and our head, and also within our lives.  This corresponds so magically with holding on to something that definately doesn't serve us, and remembering that there is so much power in the art of letting go which can help us to find more peace.  As I write this we are in Autumn, natures time of surrendering, refining and letting go so very fitting.


It may seem like we’re alone to feel like this when really, especially in our modern society and as demands of life and comparison may creep in more and more, it is quite common to have feelings of anxiousness.  The difference being that *common* isn’t optimal though, but it does make you think right.  How can we make our life simpler and less demanding, how can we manage our thoughts and be able to filter them into true threats and made up ones that will most likely never actually happen.  It’s important to remember that no one has it all figured out, everyone has their demons (some peoples are smaller (for now) while others have tamed theirs well and keep them in check by doing *the work*).  Everyone has stuff in their backpack that they are tending to or will need to at some stage, and no one gets a free ride or is immune to this.


When we are strong within ourselves our worries and fears can be more easily managed and put back to rest. I've clearly noticed within myself some huge patterns of when I make time for myself and when my routines are consistent and supportive for my current life season then I can ground myself more easily and self soothe to differentiate between a real threat or concern and one that I am fabricating, possibly creating a mountain out of a mole hill.  It's a daily practice of chipping away at these things and finding a good flow of maintaining more balance and harmony.  It’s true that with anything in life, consistency is the key.  The building up over time to create a strong foundation and good healthy, sustainable habits so when times get rocky we can move with ease and grace.

You may be thinking, “but I’ve always been an anxious person”.  Some people are constitutionally more prone to experiencing Anxiety. Constitutionally meaning it's your package that you came into this life with : you can alter it in some ways, yet the main blueprint is there. I think of it as home work and that it is great when we recognise the patterns we are prone to so we can better manage them and be prepared for them.  It’s like knowing what our engine light trigger is.  When we know it there is an opportunity to do something about it.

Chinese Medicine views Anxiety as 3 differing patterns. 

All of them have the similarities of possible palpitations, feeling uneasy, unsettled, ungrounded, being in our head a lot, excessive thoughts and worry, disrupted sleep and emotional imbalances.


When our Yang (our life force) is unanchored and rises.  As yang is hot by nature it will naturally rise, as all heat does, and be difficult to contain.  Other symptoms can include: irritability, an uncomfortable sensation between the belly button and bottom of sternum, restless sleep with waking around 1-2 or 2-3 am, changes to digestion and bowel movements, headaches around temples, feeling flushed or alternating between feeling warm and cooler, incomplete or skipping stools, bloating. The treatment approach is to 'anchor the yang'.



When we are deficient in what is called Heart Yin.  This is the cooling, anchoring, nourishing part of the heart and the blood aspect.  Blood is nourishing and without this the heart and heart space can feel uneasy and unsettled.

Other symptoms can include : easily emotional and teary, pale complexion, feeling dizzy especially when standing up, easily tired, low mood, feeling cold easily. The treatment approach is to nourish the heart and heart blood / yin.




‘Water harassing the Heart’ is when the fluid metabolism of the body is imbalanced and water attacks the fire aspect of the heart.  Our heart is part of the fire element, and just as in nature, water is fires greatest threat.  A little is important to contain fire, yet too much will put the fire out.  Other symptoms can include : fluid retention, clear or white mucus in the throat or nose too, looser or sticky stools, foggy head, less desire to drink water, easy weight gain, bloating, heavy chest sensation. The treatment approach is to warm and move water.

Please reach out if you would like support with this. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and dietary and lifestyle tools can make a life changing difference.


If we can have a little space to observe what the common trigger of our anxious feelings is, that can be really helpful. Other times we may need calming and soothing first then we can tune in to what is actually going on. Some tools I often suggest and turn to myself are below.




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