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Feeling Dry This Winter ? Hydration Tips Ahead to Keep You Feeling Nourished Inside and Out

I've shared about how Winter pertains to the water element in Chinese medicine. Funnily there's often a lot of dryness during this time of year and our inner 'water' or fluid levels are definately affected. It's not unusual to feel less thirsty during this time too so supporting our fluid metabolism and keeping it happy is key.

Some helpful tips for combating this and staying hydrated for an inside and out glow are below.


This supports our 'internal fire' aka metabolism to basically not use too much of our bodys' energy to warm fluids to body temperature opposed to if we were drinking cooler fluids. Check in if you're having caffeinated drinks as these act as diuretics and have a drying nature. Herbal teas are always a great option and keep things interesting. I've created and blended this therapeutic tea range based on both Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine principles for both mind body benefit as well as a delicious cup of self care. I always recommend drinking filtered or fresh spring water. One of the best things I did was investing in a whole house and undersink alkalysing water filter. This way washing our face, hair and showering with cleaner and 'softer' water than the chemically treated version supplied by town water is much gentler and also doesn't dry out the skin or hair. If you're ready to have clean water use 'Nourished' with the Australian owned company for a great discounted rate.


Delicious, nutritious and nourishing these are easy go-to's this time of year, also easy to freeze so you can make some extra for nights you want a little more self care and cosiness. Try this delicious pumpkin soup with a twist !


Hydrate Toner Mist- this serious skin saver adds moisture before applying day cream and I use it throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated as I'm often in a heated room. Just a few pumps applied onto the face for toning and hydrating in one go. Stay tuned for a special supplement I'm creating for inner support of glowing skin !! Exciting!!


  • Try adding a squeeze of orange and / or lime

  • Mashing some frozen berries - raspberries are great

  • Adding a dash of juice - apple or pear are great for this time of year

  • Adding a slice of fresh ginger and / or turmeric with some honey and lemon

  • Enjoying a herbal tea - during the day I drink the Glow tea for skin and an energising boost

  • Start your day with a hot lemon water - this is perfect to flush the body after a long nights sleep, wake up the liver and get stomach acids going. It's also the perfect way to start getting some fluids in before anything else and with a little movement will help stimulate bowels to empty before we have brekky and start our day. This is my non-negotiable - has been for many many years and I still love it !


It can be overwhelming to know how much water to drink and I hear it all the time in clinic. There are so many variables to consider so please don't ever feel like you need to jam in 3 litres per day - which is like a full time job. Too much liquid can actually burden and overwork our fluid metabolism, kidneys, lower our blood pressure by watering down our blood levels and have us urinating out precious salts and minerals that we may not necessarily want to be flushing out as fast or as often. Instead tune into what your body and lifestyle requirements are. Age, activity and fitness levels, lifestyle (more sedentary or active), the climate you're living in, breastfeeding (needing more fluid to make more blood which becomes breast milk (wow I know!).

  • Start your day with warm water before anything else

  • Get a good travel keep cup and water bottle

  • If you know you struggle to keep up your fluid intake set a reminder or alarm to drink more regularly E.g. every hour you have a big sip of fluid. Or attach the habit of having some water to another habit. E.g. after every client you have a sip.


Although they are so good, long hot showers can be quite draining and very drying. You can balance this out by having showers a little less hot then cooling the water a little to finish off. This will help move your 'yang' energy back into your centre where it belongs and will prevent the heat of your body staying on the surface further drying out your skin. Plus finishing off with cooler water helps tighten the pores (especially on your face!), close the hair shaft to prevent frizziness and boost immunity. Winning !


Restore your skin while you sleep with a face oil - I use the lighter version while there's a richer version for mature skin, surf lovers or those more prone to drier skin. A little face massage after applying is soothing and helps move lymph and stimulate tissue for a brighter complexion and less puffiness in the morning.


Traditional cleansers are often soap based and easily disrupt the natural oils and delicate pH on our face (just think of the effect of using soap or dishwashing liquid has for stripping grease, oil and dirt) so I always opt for cleansing with a terry cloth. Just adding warm - hot water then buffing using circular motions on the whole face and under the chin and neck. But, for the full cleansing experience 'oil cleansing' is the ultimate. Simply wet your face, add a few drops of oil to your fingertips (I use the same one to do this as I use before sleeping) and massage into skin, all around and under chin and neck. Keep massaging - it will feel smooth and slippery and almost a little foamy, then using the buffing method with your bamboo terry cloth, gently move in circular motions all over for the cleanest and freshest cleanse.


During the humid months I had to buy a dehumidifier because things got so damp, now it's the opposite and our air can be extra dry and lacking moisture this time of year and especially if you've got a heater on. There are many cheap ones to choose from now and even ones you can add essential oils to to help freshen your space and support you in more ways then one. I work with essential oils alot with the skincare range so I have plenty to choose from if you'd like a special blend made specifically for you - or my go-to that I use in the clinic of sage and sweet orange. DM for this.


Naturally we can boost our fluid intake by the foods we eat as well. Opt for leafy greens, basmati rice, soups, stews and broths as mentioned, asparagus, cabbage, spinach, capsicums especially green ones, zucchini, tomatoes. Lots of ,my recipes can be found here.



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