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Happy, Healthy Home : tuning into your space and tips to get it in Flow

We spend so much time in our homes, create lifelong memories here and are protected from the outside world (and at times craziness). It’s beautiful to regularly check in to see how our home feels and if anything needs a little attention to make our space as happy and supportive as possible.

Home energy, layout, decor and design is by far one of my favourite things to talk about, and help others with as it is seriously life changing !!!

When our space is healthy and balanced *everything* is more balanced - our health, our relationships, sleep, energy levels, perception, clarity - you name it. A happy balanced home also brings in abundance and effortless flow. Our space is a direct reflection and extension of how ‘we’ are.

What would you like from your space or would like more of ? comfort, safety, softness, privacy, functionality etc. Often it can be as simple as moving a few things around or revamping something you already have!

It also doesn’t need to cost the earth to have a fun, beautiful and comfortable home. Here I’ve mixed old with new and worked with a weird sized wall (and big electricity style wooden pole !) I bought this big 2nd hand canvas from the tip shop # upcycling. Cleaned it up, added a frame made from some timber (small nails and glued - super easy!) and got a large print made (at Officeworks) of this image which I took with my old iPhone in Thailand. So it was pretty cheap !! The bench is new, which I’ve had for years now and a beautiful cactus silk cushion with old white sarong added for some softness and different textures. This area is a central part of our home and often serves as a mini drop off zone. For me it’s important to have less but have beautiful quality things that are also functional and have meaning.

You can play around with taking a closer look at all rooms and areas of your space. Determine what their main function is / should be. See if there are items in this space that are not needed or strategically jammed in there 'just for now' - which then turns into months and possibly years. Notice is anything *feels* out of place. This is a major part of 'feng shui' - connecting with your space so you can *read* what it is reflecting to you. Tune in to what that particular space could feel better with ? E.g. softer furnishings, warmer / cooler colours, more light, less light, more seating, more storage.

Check in with each area of your home to ensure there is adequate storage for the things you own. Often storage that hides our belongings creates a calmer feeling as there is less distraction for our eyes (and therefore our minds).

Most importantly, and this one is my absolute favourite !!!!, check in with what you actually own, right now, and what you actually need and love. This is a game changer - I promise. We all have way too many things - thanks to the ease of buying things now and some pretty smart marketing. We have more than we could ever need and it may be suffocating us and the simple easy life. With less clutter and less things we have less cleaning up / tidying up washing up to do and can enjoy what we love. Plus a happy healthy home is working for Us - keeping us healthy and grounded in all ways, and allowing for amazing flow and abundance to easily find us.

If you’re stuck with how to create more flow in your space I offer ‘in person’ or ‘long distance’ Feng Shui consults to help you on your way to a happy and healthy home.

DM for more details,

M x



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