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Choc Mousse Tart : A Plant Powered Sweet Treat

This delicious treat is a favourite in my house! I follow a plant powered lifestyle so all of these ingredients are actually staples in my pantry and fridge so they are always on hand to whip this up for myself or to share. I've added some extra information about the (*) ingredients at the very bottom of the recipe if you are just dabbling with incorporating more plants into your diet or if you want to know a little more about how to shop for these items.

All of the ingredients are available in an organic form, which I highly recommend choosing. The majority of them can also be bought from a bulk food supplier which ensures you are getting great quality all in one place and helping reducing waste! Buying bulk and organic is not usually as expensive as you may think and I definately think it’s worth it. And you totally are too!

Enjoy!! As always, I’d love to see your creation or any feedback on how you’ve found making this deliciousness, you can find me via @nourished.temple



V, GF, DF, RSF, Raw, wholefoods

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Chilling time: 3+ hours


As promised, some important ingredient information ....

These are some great tips for some of my staple food choices, and aren't just for the sweet stuff !

* raw cacao

Raw cacao vs cacao = the raw powder is made using unroasted cacao beans and cold pressing them. This process helps preserve the living enzymes in the cacao powder while removing the cacao fat (cacao butter).

Organic = with cacao you definitely want to have the good quality version, it makes all the difference.

* coconut flakes

As with any product where possible choose the least processed version for highest nutritional value. The full large flakes have just been shaved and are larger pieces of coconut so tend to still contain more of their natural oils. Desiccated or shredded has been cut down even smaller and tends to be drier. It is easy to blitz the whole coconut flakes in a food processor or nutribullet to make the other 2 versions of coconut pieces.

* salt

Choosing good quality sea salt flakes or a pink or Himalayan salt is important and improves the taste of our food so much. Also these higher quality salts are packed with important nutrients and minerals. Regular table salt is highly processed and is linked to numerous cardiovascular disorders due to its affect on hardening the arteries and contributing to plaque formation.

* maple syrup

Tapped from Canadian maple trees, this syrup is a beautiful sweet gift from mama earth. It is a great option as a natural unrefined sweetener as it contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Fake maple syrups are just flavored refined sugar liquid and there is a huge difference between taste, texture and nutritional benefits. Other refined sugars like corn syrup, agave nectar and rice malt syrup have been over processed and contain minimal nutrients. I highly recommend an organic version of true Canadian maple syrup.

* tahini

Hulled tahini = paste made from sesame seeds that have had their husk removed = less bitter. If you are using ‘unhulled’ you will need to add a little more maple syrup to balance the sweetness. Unhulled tahini has much higher calcium content than hulled and contains more fibre.

* coconut milk

Buying something simple like coconut milk can be tricky with so many options now. Opt for organic and BPA free lining tins (often the organic ones will already be in this type of tin), check the ingredients list and the actual coconut content, as often non-organic versions cheat. I suggest coconut milk over coconut cream as the milk is already creamy enough and this ingredient can have a higher saturated fat content. Don’t let that worry you though as the fat from coconut is highly beneficial and made of smaller chains of fatty acids and triglycerides compared to other saturated fats, meaning the body can process them much easier and reap the benefits. As always I’d still suggest moderation is key.



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