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Easy Recipe + Fun Food Fact : what we eat and it's affect on our wellness

The humble little grain, * Barley * is a great rice substitute and is so tasty, easy to use and very underrated.

In Chinese Medicine we understand it’s powerful benefits in gut health and in particular supporting one of our main digestive organs, the Spleen.

This organ, hangs out under the left rib cage, and is responsible for transforming and transporting information and nutrients from our food. Also, it does this with the information we take in throughout our day - think of everything you see, feel, hear etc.

If this organ is overburdened it cannot function correctly and the things we are extracting from our food are not utilised properly by our body.

Symptoms can include : easy tiredness, bloating, loose and sticky stools, easy bruising, feeling the cold easily, mental fog, easy weight gain, sluggishness, hangry, just to name a few.

Barley, plus other naturally sweet, earthy and orange foods, can naturally support our Spleen to be its happiest self and do its best job.

This nourish bowl was super quick to whip up and goes together so we’ll :

- barley (cook just as you would rice)

- pumpkin : in pan with dash of oil, let brown a little on each side then add a dash of water and *quickly* cover with lid to steam. Then add spinach leaves to wilt and seasoning.

- satay silken tofu : this is the really soft tofu. In a hot pan add the drained tofu and stir to break up, add good salt and pepper to taste, and garlic powder, little peanut butter and tamari (wheat free fermented soy sauce - in all supermarkets).

- serve with avocado, coriander and sesame seeds

enjoy x


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